END Part 0



The year is 30X5 the world of old and new have been thrown into chaos multiple times. War has become a routine. The power belongs solely to people and what they are willing to do to survive and live to see the next day. Humans have become more destructive than ever, the Earth fed off on the negative energy that was in the human races existence. After the first EARTH had failed more than half of the human race has fled to another planet with less than sustainable living conditions and because of the planet’s incomplete design and lack of energy it receives. The planet has been solely been dubbed as Interim Marco-Cosm (I.M.C), With only enough ENERGY and resources to last what has become pf the human race for almost forty-seven years. Through all odds the human race have survived I.M.C. for more than a hundred years now.


In the year 31X7 the WAR between what was left of the Earth and I.M.C. was waged. The remaining humans from Earth had  lost all resources for food and energy and began to die at an alarming pace until a Sage from the world below found a way to survive. He unlocked the human spirit by killing the flesh suit and destroying the body’s weaknesses and shedding the concepts of all logical explanation and gaining spiritual understanding and awakening. The Sage was then able find a way to live and exist without the need eat or rest he was the first of many ∅humans. He reluctantly taught the people to gain this ability because he knew what kind of destruction the humans were capable of. Some people saw this as a second chance at life but the vast majority only saw it as the one and only chance to gain the upper hand and win the war. The inhabitants of I.M.C. were out classed in every way they were being picked off one by one.


Even though the ∅humans were incredibly outnumbered they would not be so easily killed it was a matter of days before the ∅humans killed everyone and everything on IMC before destroying the planet and the planets newly blackened sun leaving no evidence that the planet ever existed. When the ∅HUMANS had returned to Earth The Sage was greatly distressed because the “∅” technique was originally invented as a means to survive on a desolate planet and not for means of war. Raising his hand to the black sky five bursts of light destroyed the bodies of the ∅humans from the inside out. Thus returning them to their normal human selves and putting a spiritual seal on the chest of every human.


In an instant the Sage was gone and faded into the darkest part of space where not even the STARS SHINE.


Only to awake when JUDGEMENT arises from the dead Earth…