Lights Out Quick Movie Review #3

Mom, can you keep ALL the lights on? Please?

Lights Out, the newest horror movie from director James Wan (Conjuring 1&2 Furious 7) and written by Eric Heisserer (Hours) and based off of the short film by David F. Sandberg of the same name. This movie continues to show that the horror genre is alive and well! But, is this movie actually good? Or does it just skate by?

No… That was you screaming. I… It wasn’t me.

Well it’s actually really good! The movie opens right away with this feeling of tension that I could just feel that had me tightening up in my seat. That really caught me off guard! Usually, for the most part, horror movies will set everything up in those first five to ten minutes and sometimes if that isn’t done well or right it can be boring. That being said Lights Out, immediately started with there’s a problem, here’s this creepy thing, and this is what is going to happen! *Full disclosure I screamed like a small child!* Then it goes from there.

Keeping the fear to a maximum.

I am going to try my hardest to give away as little as possible because I found genuinely exciting to see how everything played out. The movie follows Rebecca, played by Teresa Palmer (The Choice) her brother Martin, played by Gabriel Baterman (Annabelle 2014) and their mother Sophie, played by Maria Bello (The 5th Wave) as she is dealing with something. It could be that I haven’t seen too many good horror movies but I really enjoyed the story in Lights Out. It kept me fully invested and intrigued throughout the entirety of the film, and that is really attributed to the actors and actresses! They didn’t knock it out of the park but I believed their performances. Especially that of Teresa Palmer. I loved her character, she os this strong girl who has to take up a lot in a moments notice all while trying to stay calm about what’s going on around her. Also Maria Bello was fantastic too! She really sold her character it was really from her mannerisms and her look from the start of the movie to the end. Also the chemistry between the two was fantastic! It again, made it feel very believable that they were mother and daughter and had gone through some traumatic experiences.

I’m not turning the lights off!

Lights Out is so well done! While the final act for me just sort of happened and they didn’t explain a few things that I had questions about, I still got a lot of enjoyment from the film and a lot of really good jump scares and haunting scenes.

Final Thoughts

I know, I didn’t address a lot because I really want you (if you choose to go, which I really think you should) to experience the story fresh only knowing the small basics. I highly recommend this movie, if you’re looking for another good horror movie to see this year. I think you should really go see Lights Out when it comes out to Theaters July 22nd! That’s why I give Lights Out-

8 Broken Light switches out of 10!

+Really Good Acting
+Interesting story
-Medium sized Plot hole
+Absolutely terrifying

Now if you’ll excuse me I am going to watch a lot Barney so that I can go to sleep. Because I really don’t want to sleep with the lights off unless I have a nightlight… A very big nightlight.