Mortal Kombat X REVIEW! Just put a Band-aid on it!

Mortal Kombat X is finally here and it  again reminds gamers why it created the ESRB! 

After almost a year of it being revealed Mortal Kombat has arrived on the PS4 Xbox One and PC with the older systems coming 3months or so later! No Wii U though!
I was afraid after seeing everything about the game that it wouldn’t feel fresh and would just be another game I’d play for a few weeks and then get bored with and not play my Xbox One again! It pleases me however that even after seeing everything about the game I’m still enthralled with Mortal Kombat X! Being a huge fan of fighting games Mortal Kombat takes the cake and cracks your head with! But does it have enough content to keep both casual players and hardcore players interested? Find out!
This is a very integral part of a fighting game! If the fighting isn’t solid and/or balanced the whole game essentially falls apart. With Mortal Kombat X’s fighting not only is the fighting solid and balanced it’s also varied from each character in how they play. Each character has a “variation” to choose from, for instance Sub-Zero has Unbreakable which give him more defensive and counter attack moves, Cryomancer which makes him more offensive with the use more ice weapon based moves such as a sword and a hammer, and then he has the Grandmaster which is essentially the more Balanced variation being able to throw his ice clones he generates. At first I did not think that the variation system would actually change gameplay but after playing around with different characters and their variations it actually does. Each one has a few special moves and techniques that are special to that variation only they also have a certain aesthetic for each character. So this definitely creates for some interesting match ups! However most hardcore players will go with a few variations and learn them fully. It should be noted that one variation does not over power another it just changes the way the character will play.
During the fights depending on where you fight you have can interact with certain environments of the stage from using 2X4’s to pots of burning ash or even an old lady! They increase what you can do during the game and with most of them you can combo into them!
As its predecessor Mortal Kombat 2011 you have a meter bar where you can do an enhanced version of one of your special moves, a Breaker move to stop your opponent in their tracks from doing a combo on you, or you can do “I don’t know how you can just easily get up after I cracked your skull, destroyed your chance of ever having kids, and shot you in the face move!” Or as the game calls them X-Rays. They are back and crazier than ever! It makes you wonder how are they not Fatalities!
Speaking of which! Fatalities have always been a staple of the Mortal Kombat franchise having a Mortal Kombat with them is like having a chocolate cake without chocolate! They are back and crazier than ever! Having played every Mortal Kombat the fatalities have never really made me cringe, I would at most say “that’s crazy” and just shrug it off. Not with Mortal Kombat X! The fatalities are out of this world insane! They definitely went all out with them this time around. Actually making me cringe and say that no child should play MKX! From having a character rip your brain and heart out to cracking your jaw wide open and taking a selfie and posting it on “Friendships” the Mortal Kombat Facebook. It makes you wonder what the creators were thinking when they were designing them, because while they are cringe worthy they are creative and I have to give Netherrealm Studios credit for that.
While this is a fighting game one would not think that the story mode would be big focus of the game. However anyone who has played the previous Mortal Kombat game knows that’s the not the case! If you haven’t played the previous games story I highly recommend that you do because the story was one of the best parts of the game it was so well done that it in my opinion set a standard for fighting games and even some action games that have come out. Mortal Kombat X’s story is no difference either! While it may be shorter than the last one it definitely is more personal I felt. Seeing the new generation of fighters go through and learn how to be a team and function as one! It may lack  direction at some points but I was still very into it! The story mode also lets players take control of various characters taking on around 4 or so fights learning not only motives for the character or the history he/she has. So it’s a great way to maybe figure out who you would like to use a main character.
Another very important part of a fighting game is its characters! Usually in Mortal Kombat games I will just play as Sub-Zero maybe Scorpion, Liu Kang, Kitana and Kung Lao. With Mortal Kombat X I don’t know what they did but I honestly want to play as every character in the game. They are unique in terms of personality and move-sets. The developers somehow found a way to make every character accessible which is a mark of a great game! I personally hate playing Grapple characters but Kotal Khan and Jax with his Wrestler variation have me rethinking grapple characters. It felt great to be able to finally branch out and play as one of the 25 available characters.
When you first start the game you will be asked to pick a faction. You have the choice of picking between Lin Kuei, White Lotus, Brotherhood of Shadow, Red Dragon, or Special Forces. Everything you do in the game or online will earn that Faction XP and at the end of the week that faction won the “war” the more you do for that faction the more things you’ll get from it certain things for your Online Banner or Faction fatalities.
In my experience with online it has been super stable and having only experienced lag a couple times but only for a few seconds before the game corrected itself and it was back to a smooth experience! King of the Hill makes a return from the last MK game which goes back to the old days of being in at an arcade machine and playing A fighting game and people would watch or try to beat the “king” it’s a nice addition that brings back memories for me. If online play isn’t your thing there is always Couch Co-Op with even more modes to choose from and less the possible online verbal abuse!
Single Player Misc.
For a fighting game Mortal Kombat X is packed with tons of single player content with the standard arcade mode which will get your characters extra skins to use in battle. There also a new mode called “Living Towers” which will update every hour, day, or there are premier towers which sometimes will allow the player to test out new DLC characters before you make the decision of buying them. There’s also other towers that will have you battle in crazy conditions such as having to avoid lasers as you fight or bombs drop or having an item that with one hit can kill you! It’s sort of like Super Smash Bros. but crazier! Which is saying something!
Like most previous Mortal Kombat games MKX has a Krypt where you will use your in game currency that you’ve earned to spend it on new costumes, concept art, new fatalities, new brutalities, extra money and so much more! You go around in a first person view and search for hidden pathways and go to tombs and buy whatever is in there. You will be attacked randomly and if you can fend off the attacker you will get a nice little present! It’s just fun to explore the dark and eerie places.
Mortal Kombat X is a game that I have been looking forward to for a very long time! It was the first game I ever played as a kid and this game had so much hype built up for it that not only does it live up to it but far exceeds my expectations! The game looks good and plays great! It’s fast paced and technical fightingare unmatched by a lot of fighters that are out today! Offering something for every player whether Hardcore or Casual, everyone can enjoy Mortal Kombat X! I give Mortal Kombat X 10 squashed brains out of 10! I have nothing bad to say about this in my own personal experience with game. It what I wanted and more!
+Ton of content and modes for both single and multiplayer.
=Good story mode although at times does lacks a clear motive sometimes.
+Great fight mechanics.
+Varied environments that can change up combat.
=Awesome character roster even though some fan favorites are missing.
I have heard of SOME people having problems with PS4 and PC versions of the game and hope that all issues are remedied. I personally have not seen any issues on the Xbox One version.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse REVIEW! Dragon Ball: Days of Future Past

LAST TIME on a Dragon Ball Z game on January 24th Age 2014 the worst Dragon Ball Game ever made was released: Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z after its Bland, boring, frustrating, unbalanced, and tedious gameplay Dragon Ball games seemed to have lost their steam. with terrible titles such as Ultimate Tenkaichi and Battle of Z, fans began to get upset with the series! Some wished it to just fade in obscurity others wanted another Budokai Tenkaichi 3 *Sigh* but 6months later Dragon Ball Xenoverse was announced! Promising better gameplay, new features, a huge story and much more! Now the game is out (in Japan and China) does it live up to the hype? Or does it fall short and get added to the Garbage Dragon Ball games? Find out now on this review of Dragon Ball Xenoverse!!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse a game I took with a quarter of a grain of salt! After being so terribly burned by Dragon Ball Z battle of Z I nearly gave up on new entries to the series. I saw alpha gameplay for it and it looked awesome, but so did Battle of Z! I got to play the Beta then had few doubts! Now the game is out (in Japan and China at the time of writing this) and I can whole heartily say Dragon Ball Xenoverse is the BEST Dragon Ball game I have played since Dragon Ball Z idainaru dragonball densetsu for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn which only came out in Japan I imported that game because it was that awesome and the gameplay was so chaotic and it really captured Dragon Ball Z.

When I decided to just import Xenoverse I at first thought it a bad choice but I had never had so much excitement for a game that was just another Anime game. Which are kind of like Call of Duty they just sort of exist in the gaming world they’re fun, come out annually for the most part, and you shouldn’t really expect much from them just good distractions until a big triple A title comes out. So I thought this with Xenoverse and I was so wrong! Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s wealth of content is almost overwhelming and the things you can do is mind blowing! From getting new clothing items to help your character and their stats to learning new techniques, getting new masters, doing Parallel Quests, and so much more! You could think you have done everything then turn around and there’s even more things to do!


When the game starts out it has one of the best openings I have seen not only in an Anime game but in a video game in general! You start out as series main protagonist Goku and go through his most important Battles in the Z Saga while that may seem a bit trite and what we’ve done in just about every single Dragon Ball Z game it’s the way that Xenoverse does it that makes it both memorable and exciting! Whats happening is that the Dragon Ball history we know is changing someone is tampering with the history and giving the villains an edge and sometimes killing the heroes! You then come to Future Trunks wishes for you and the game begins! The story quickly picks up and doesn’t let up until the end!


Xenoverse does an excellent job at making your character feel important with its story, why did I say that because there are some games that really don’t make you feel that important from my experiences they make it seem like you sort of exist. That’s not the case with Xenoverse and its mainly done with its dialogue and characters and how certain characters will reference you as whatever race you pick whether its Saiyan, Human, Namakian, Frieza’s Race, and Majin. While you may not feel all too unique in terms of abilities having only a few generic ones to start out with but the more you progress, even a little progress you will feel that you are for a lack of better words Special! For instance I have my Saiyan female character uses the Galick Gun, The Kamehameha, and the Masanko as some of her normal moves there’s so many more moves and other techniques to mix and match to fit your play style and how you want your character to be and that’s how it should be you should feel important and you effect this Universe with completing the said missions.

You may feel like Krillin or Yamcha at the start but the more you play you’ll end up feeling like one of the stronger characters. Be warned though one mission you’ll feel like Super Saiyan God Goku and the next mission you’ll feel like Yajirobe fighting Super Saiyan God Goku. That’s where the game gets both awesome and frustrating! Awesome because it isn’t like the games before it where you can breeze through the story mode without a thought with the hardest boss always being Kid Buu. On the flip side sometimes the odds will be so stacked against you that you would have to be a lvl 100 to get through it! For instance during the Buu Saga Super Saiyan 3 Goku and my character who I named her Raiden had to fight 3 Majin Buu’s and they just completely stomped me I tried and tried until we beat them. THEN I am knee deep in miniature Majin Buu’s who are attacking you from all sides and you again get stomped! While that could turn A LOT of people off I would really suggest sticking it out and doing the Parallel Quests to level up your character then giving them points to upgrade Health, Attack, Ki Attacks etc… After I did and redid a few missions and stocked up on Health Capsules I was able to beat that mission! So yes it was a little tedious but it really felt rewarding to be able to see my character get stronger and stronger. Sadly however your character doesn’t really talk and it would have been nice to see them interact with the other characters but hey everyone loves the strong silent type! Even if they are a giant pink blob monster!

When you’re going through the Story Mode you will be left in awe at many points whether it be the actually intriguing story that does a great job with time travel or the stages you fight in! My favorite mission is during the Frieza Saga when your character has gone through a certain “Changing” and you go to meet up with Krillin and Gohan and you are ambushed by some of Frieza’s soldiers and you begin fighting now I am sure you may be wondering why any of this even worth mentioning is. Here’s why! You are fighting in Frieza’s spaceship and it’s not like just a watered down version of it, no it has multiple rooms, corridors, and hallways and you could be fighting in one room and Krillin is taking on two soldiers in another and Gohan in another room! I just liked the amount of detail that went into that because the developers did not have to include that and the rest of the game doesn’t suffer from because you can seriously tell a lot of time and care went into this game and I love seeing game devs actually caring about the project they are working on!

The Parallel Quests are huge part of the game there’s tons of missions most them are pretty straight forward beat the person go to the next area and fight that person then you win. However there are some missions that really stick out and you will want to play them again! For example there’s a mission where you have to collect the Dragon Balls but you have to fight off Frieza soldiers or Cell Jr’s and secure them without losing them or running out of time! It’s these missions that really shine and I only wish there were more of them!

Throughout the game you will have different Masters these are characters from the series that will only help you increase your skills by giving you some of their signature moves and abilities! You will find them posted around the world and you will have to complete sort of their “initiation” for them to give you some of their moves it’s a nice addition to the already plethora of content and things to do in the game.

When you feel you have finally mastered the game and have the skills to pay the bills (Sorry) you can try your hand at the Online Matches! With Ranking, Player, and Endless matches! These are all self-explanatory Ranked Matches you fight or your global ranking, Player match which is similar to Ranked except your ranking status isn’t affected and with Endless you fight someone until you decide you’re done. My experience with the Network was actually better than expected! I honestly was just waiting for Lag City, to my surprise there wasn’t too much lag and the lag there was only momentary I mean the fact they have such a fast paced game like Dragon Ball XV running somewhat smoothly is a feat in of its own! I’m sure with patches and updates they can remedy any sort of lag.

The Return of Couch Co-Op is a glorious one! After not being in last game and having two separate camera angels in the Ultimate Tenkaichi Budokai Tenkaichi and Raging Blast series. It’s all on one screen like the original Budokai games the only gripe I have about that is I get far away from the person I’m playing with or they me you turn into ants until you move closer. Other than that the VS mode is a lot of fun and I am glad to finally see this return to form versus style! If you don’t have any friends or everyone you knows hates Dragon Ball you need to get new friends and you can play the Computer VS matches these are a bit more varied in the aspect that you can 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 matches while these can get extremely chaotic they are in turn a lot more fun having Goku, Gohan and Goten fight Vegeta, Future Trunks, and Kid Trunks all fight in SPACE is the craziness that is Dragon Ball!

You can have all the awesome content and game modes in the world but it all comes down to the Gameplay and is it even fun and accessible? The Answer is YES the Gameplay is so fluid and fast paced you will feel like you are playing an episode of Dragon Ball Z it’s fun and addicting which is new to the series (for me at least) it harkens back to the Budokai series with different button combinations and you can mix your special techniques together in a way that only DIMPS could do so in a Dragon Ball game! The gameplay is good for both beginners and those who want to get more advanced and learn new techniques and it still manges to stay fun and fresh after hours upon hours of gameplay because each character essentially plays differently in how they can use certain moves and techniques in past Dragon Ball games each character played the same there were Three or Four types for a character and multiple characters would follow that base in Xenoverse I honestly felt that the way I play as Goku and Vegeta is different from the way I may play as Whis or Beerus and that’s again great on DIMPS for putting so much care into the characters and to make the gameplay be balanced in a manner of speaking. For instance Krillin may have a lower Stamina gauge or Ki than Super Saiyan God Goku and that’s realistic in the world of Dragon Ball at least, but Krillin could still beat Super Saiyan God Goku (as crazy as that seems it actually happened to me) that’s where Skill comes into play and even Krillin could be Whis!


Dragon Ball Xenoverse is completely filled with content! Even after playing for so long I am still finding new and fun things to do and it’s all a new challenge and sometimes it’s not an easy one! I like that it doesn’t just hold my hand with overly easy missions or unbearably long, painful, and unfair missions it’s the Dragon Ball game I had been wanting for a very long time and does not disappoint in its almost 15hr campaign and you can complete all of its many Parallel Quests and then find out there’s even more things to do and collect! The gameplay is smooth, fun, responsive, and addicting! That’s why I HAVE to as a Dragon Ball fan have to give DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE an-

10 Time Patrol Warriors out of 10!

“Its the BEST Dragon Ball Game I’ve Played!”

+Feels fresh and fun after hours of Gameplay

+Accessible to newcomers and vets to the Dragon Ball game series

+Plenty of Content to continually come back and want to play

+Delivers and then some on the game itself providing an original and interesting story

+Diverse Character roster

+Great fan service

+Took the bad things from past games and made them amazing!
-Expounded on the good things of past games in the series and made them its own

+Isn’t Battle of Z!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse comes out February 5th in Asia, February 24th in North America, and February 27th in European territories if you are a Dragon Ball fan you need to add this game to your collection! Its available for PC, PS4, PS3, XBOX 360, AND XBOX ONE!

*Dragon Ball Xenoverse supports PS4’s Share Play function.

*Bring Xenoverse to the Wii U! I feel Wii U owners should be able to experience this game!

*Please Note this is from a Fans perspective and if you disagree with the rating and think Budokai Tenkaichi 3 is still the best thing since Sliced bread you are entitled to your opinion!

Dying Light Quick Review! Zombie Parkour!

2015 is here and one of the first games to come out that wasn’t a re-release and after multiple pushbacks and the cancellation of the Past Gen consoles Dying Light, a first person Survival Stealth, Horror-esc, parkour zombie game from the same people who made the Dead Island series. When I actually a few hours before writing this I had no idea they made the same game series and I didn’t know that going into playing Dying Light and as I played it more and more it’s nothing like the Dead Island games minus the Zombies and Weapon breaking systems Dying Light feels nothing like it’s and I was shocked at this. While Dead Island was fun to play with friends playing the single player campaign got really boring really really fast having felt like there was no clear sense of direction and the characters being about as interesting as a piece of cardboard. To my great surprise after playing hours upon hours of Dying Light I am still having a blast on the Single Player campaign and that’s not just the amazing parkour mechanics or the tension you feel when you’re running in the night away from the zombies or even sometimes in the Daylight when you want to avoid the zombies altogether but Dying Light actually kept me interested in its story! While a bit generic albeit with the military man going to a city that has a problem something happening to him and being saved by a resistance group and trying to blend in while still trying complete his mission but then being “torn” to do something. You play as Kyle Crane an Undercover Agent who goes to Harran Turkey where the Outbreak started and find Dictator Rais “Kadir” Sulaiman (try saying that three times fast) of course something goes and you end up getting bitten by a Zombie (Spoilers?) but it’s not like in the movies and other games where you automatically are turned into a zombie you have to take medication for hold off the inevitable and you’ll have seizures sometimes to remind you that your infected (Your body is a jerk). When you wake up in the safe house called “The Tower” you quickly learn that you’re #31 you are the 31st person to be bitten by a Zombie a bit strange but kind of cool and little cryptic! None the less it’s interesting and the characters make it even better throughout the game you’ll meet a lot of characters that have their own stake in it all and its all the same for everyone SURVIVE! It seems realistic in that aspect which I like and you’re the new guy and people at first are incredibly hard on you and mean but can you blame them? They have seen and been through so much!

The Gameplay- for Dying Light is totally where this game shines as I said running around and hoping from building to building is awesome and it’s so smooth and from my experience it wasn’t too much of a hassle or frustrating it just requires a lot timing and knowing what and where you want to go which again from my experience it just adds to the tension! I liked that! I am getting chased by Zombies and I have to think and time all of my movements if I make one small mistake I will get my face eaten off!? LETS DO IT! It just adds more tension to the already tension filled game, because when its night time you had better run! This was my favorite part of the game because I have never seen Zombies get so aggressive before usually they’re always somewhat docile and are just waiting to be slaughtered like Dynasty Warriors soldiers these Zombies DO NOT PLAY AROUND! I had and am still having an absolute blast playing this game and that is just the single player content! With most open world/survival games there is a crafting system that allows you craft different weapons/gear/health packs. With Dying Light the crafting system is easy and I like that its easy to see what you can actually create from the random items you find throughout the game. While like game like the Last of Us which didn’t allow you to pause the game to make a shiv or a health pack in Dying Light you can stop the action and create your gear or what have you. This doesn’t take away from the overall experience of the game I am still happy with its simplicity. The stealth is surprisingly good its not Metal Gear Solid status… (Metal Gear with Zombies I need that now!!) ANYWAY! You will sometimes want distract the Zombies in order to reach the objective mark and when you’re on the ground you may want to be quite or you have the option of just pummeling every Zombie you come in contact with (in the Daytime that is) and then go to your destination. It gives you options which is great because it doesn’t force you to play a certain way.
With the multiplayer you have a couple of options. You can both grab three of your friends and take on some Zombies or you can be a Zombie! Sort of similar to Resident Evil 6’s where you could do the same thing and invade a friends or someone’s game as one of those night Zombies, which was just fantastic! While not having a lot of time to play around with it all and not having well friends to play the game with I didn’t have as much fun as I would of if I had a couple of friends to enjoy it with. That’s what Developer Techland can do great they can make a game that is fun with your friends but with Dying Light they went both ways where the Single player is both enjoyable and entertaining enough to keep a person interested in and having fun with their mechanics and fairly interesting story!

Controversy and Verdict- Now this game has had a ton of “Hype” and I was one of the few people weren’t into it because nothing about the game really interested me I could have cared less about it to be honest and almost didn’t even buy it. I ended up pre-ordering it at my local GameStop and I begrudgingly put $5 down it still unsure if I was even going to pick it up because after the bland year 2014 was for gaming I was skeptical for this release and was probably going to pick it up on a sale or a pre-owned copy. I watched countless people like AngryJoe or TheRadBrad play their Early Access copies and not that their commentary was bland or boring but I just didn’t care for it. The game looked bland and I felt I wasn’t going to get a lot of enjoyment and to add on I have never been a big fan of Zombie anything because that sub-genre can’t hold my attention for more than 3 hours and that’s being generous! However Dying Light is holding my attention and it’s given me some hope for the Zombie Sub-Genre if the games continue to be as fun as this game is! Dying Light is how I felt before I bought Destiny I saw a ton of gameplay for it and I didn’t care for it and I just decided to pre-order it and decided to get it the day it came out and played the crap out of it and instantly fell in love with it and can’t get enough of it! Which is why I am giving Dying Light an-
8.5 Crazy Parkour Zombies out of 10!
+Fun addicting gameplay
=Cliché story
-Not too many multiplayer modes
+Innovative way to reinvent Zombies
=Simple crafting system that doesn’t take away from the overall experience but doesn’t add to the tension or suspense of the game

2015 is looking like a great year for video games! Its the PERFECT time to own a PS4, PC, or Xbox One!

Intersteller Quick movie REVIEW #2!

                     Rage, rage, rage against the dying of the light!

Interstellar- directed by Christopher Nolan whom a lot of people will know from the Batman/Dark Knight series. I not being too much of a fan of those movies for “Fan-Boy” reasons but that’s for another time! I just wanna focus on Interstellar and how its my favorite movie if 2014! That’s right! Unless a movie comes out in the next few months that is as superb and has me on the edge of my seat for 3HOURS!!! Keeps my attention, makes me cry, and is just an overall thrill ride Interstellar is my movie of the year!

NOTE: I’m only going to lightly go over the plot without giving too much away because its all really interesting but by the end you’ll be confused… Just like any other Nolan movie!

The earth is dying and we need to find a new home so the human race doesn’t die out! Cooper the main character (played by Matthew McConaughey) plays a Farmer/Engineer who sets out with a group of people from NASA Brand (Anne Hathaway) Doyle(Wes Bentley) Romilly  (David Gyasi) all being guided by Professor Brand (Michael Caine) to search for another Planet for the people to live on! While some have their own motives for attending this dangerous expedition some do it because they have nothing to lose (I apologize if this is extremely vague but I really want those who have not seen it to experience the plot in its entirety with it being fresh and there’s a big part that helps with them traveling to other planets)

In the movie as it was made abundantly clear that they will travel to different planets in order to search for a suitable place for Humans to live. The crew will travel to multiple planets and while they seem bland they are unique in their own way, some are extremely dangerous and, on some time is of the essence! Each planet is done so well done presenting itself with a new challenge that the crew must overcome and seeing how they handle each situation is both realistic and at times nerve racking!


I just have to say Matthew McConaughey is PHENOMENAL! His delivery is… Out of this World! (get it? Sorry don’t stop reading) his character is believable and his dialogue is never forced or feels awkward it always feels genuine! Its not just him though! Every Actor’s/Actress’s delivery is top notch! Even the little girl who plays Cooper’s daughter is just amazing! Aside from Matthew McConaughey Murphy (played by McKenzie Foy) she really plays up the daughter who doesn’t want their Dad to leave and she doesn’t even know if he’s coming back and you will definitely see that pain and hurt throughout the movie and its very believable. I love their interaction with each other it actually felt like they were really Father and Daughter! Which is something I haven’t felt/seen in a long time at a movie!

Okay so as good as this movie is its not without its problems and while they are few they are the kinda problems that will make you scratch your head and begin to over think things and then sort of break the movie (in a manner of speaking) but its not really a “Bad” thing its just not explained and that’s kind of Nolan’s style he let’s you think and really whatever you come up with is essentially plausible! Like the ending of the Dark Knight: Rises some say Batman died others say he didn’t, despite the (spoilers) end where Alfred sees Bruce and Selena eating brunch. Did it actually happen? Or is Alfred finally going crazy?

All in all Interstellar is an awesome movie and is the best 3hours I’ve spent in a movie theater it was s thrilling experience and I would say its one of Nolan’s best films! That’s why I give INTERSTELLAR 9.7 BLACK HOLES out of 10!!

Strong points
+Stellar Acting
-Confusing later on in the movie
+Gripping story
+Good Character development

The Grandmaster ForeignMovie Fridays! #1

KUNG FU is not a circus Act!

In recent years we have been getting really awesome action movies with good stories as well! For instance more recently X-men Days of Future Past, Avengers, Man of Steel, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Raid 2 and the Raid Redemption to name a few of my personal favorites! Usually its we have to sacrifice one for the other either we get great action but a lackluster story or Vice Versa, but I really feel like despite its less than stellar reviews that “The Grandmaster” is one of the best and most best looking and well done action movies to come out in the last few years.


Directed by Kar Wai Wong who is known for his movies “In the mood for Love”  “My Blueberry Nights” and “2046” The Grandmaster taking place in 1920s and onward follows Ip Man (Played by Tony Leung)  narrating his life and often comparing his life to Four Seasons and the people he has come in contact with throughout his life and all of the tragedies  Now compared to the Donnie Yen Ip Man movies this Ip Man adaptation delves more into the various styles of Martial Arts and the Philosophy of them more so than the other Ip Man movies did. That is one of this movies strong points because it shows how martial arts is more than just beating someones face in (which happens a lot in The Grandmaster) but you also get to know the thought process in them and you get to see just how much precise and gentle footwork, hand motions etc…

The movie may be in all Chinese and have Subtitles galore but you can still tell and see how well it is acted out by each actor! They all have their own struggles or demons they are facing or must overcome and in one case embracing! That’s another thing The Grandmaster does really well is that it doesn’t just focus on Ip Man but more so on those around him and how they impacted him and his Martial Art. Even a character as small as the Barber actually worked and made the character Ip Man even more interesting. I actually felt for a lot of the characters. The person who stole the show for me was Ziyi Zhang who you may know from movies such as “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” “Hero” “Rush Hour 2” and “House of the Flying Daggers” She plays Gong Er who is sort of like Ip Man pseudo love interest but because (SPOILERS) of her vows she made they never become anything. She was such an amazing character she had so much style, grace, and power it made a lot of the other characters look like they were barely doing anything. When they said she never lost a fight it was believable! My favorite scene again (SPOILERS) ( I had to rewind it multiple times because its not only awesome but extremely well done!

Kar Wong has very unique style of directing, every shot has a high level of care and intensity that adds to what is going on in the scene and while the action was very fast paced I was never left saying wait what the heck just happened… I’m looking at you Transformers! Whenever I would rewind it, it would be because something amazing just happened! They do have these Matrix esc slow down moments that add another layer to the martial arts action that is going on.

Many times throughout the movie I found myself wanting pick up a controller and just start mashing buttons because you really won’t see this kind of action but in a video game! Someone should really make a game out of this!

Now as much as I could praise this movie for being The Best Realistic Martial Arts movie to come out in the year the movie isn’t without its fault really I could only find 1 but its kind of a big one! Its sometimes will jump around without giving any clear sort of context and it would take me a minute or two to realize “Oh they went to the past… Okay!” I just wish they would really just say “Hey this takes place Five years ago!” Other than that this was a Fun, Exciting, Action Packed Martial Arts movie that can be appreciated by anyone who loves a good action martial arts movie or just want to find something to watch! I would definitely recommend watching The Grandmaster!

*There is also a nice little cameo in the movie to Martial Arts fans *

You can find The Grandmaster on Netflix, Amazon, YouTube or a host of other places its definetly worth checking out! Which why I give “The Grandmaster”

9 Bruce Lee Screams out of 10

+ Amazing Action

– Odd Transitions

+ Well Acted

– A little Convoluted

+ Its a ton of Fun!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse BETA Review



The newest Dragon Ball game Dragon Ball Xenoverse  is here… Well kind of in the form of a BETA to a few lucky people and I just happen to be one of them! Now I will say unrelated to DBX I love it when game companies release a BETA test to the people to play and give feedback and improve the game upon the feed back from the people! I wish game companies would do this more often!

So just a recap this Years Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z was CRAP!! The only thing good about that game was the 4v4 matches while it was awesome in theory it was the terrible and headache inducing gameplay made it a terrible experience! I am a huge DBZ fan and I was excited for the game I thought it was going to be like my number 1 favorite DBZ game Dragon Ball Z: Idainaru Dragonball Densetsu a title that only came out in Japan for the PSX and Sega Saturn. It was true to the Anime but also at the same time the player had a albeit limited freedom to complete the story! For instance if you wanted to have Krillin beat Frieza you could do that! As crazy as that sounds you could do it or if you wanted to kill both Krillin and Piccolo while fighting Frieza and when you select your next character you’ll find that Goku went Super Saiyan there’s so much more to the game that made it awesome and one of the most true DBZ experiences and I still play the game to this very day! IN FACT The last two Dragon Ball Z games have just been garbage! While Ultimate Tenkaichi was more playable and more enjoyable than Battle of Z they both are still LAZY pieces of crap and just terrible cash ins on the Dragon Ball Z license! BUT Does Dragon Ball Xenoverse hold high promise for the Dragon Ball game future? Find out on the next paragraph of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse BETA Review!!

indedxindedxDRAGON STARTindedxindedx

So you boot the game up agree to the User Agreement connect to the Server and create your save file you then you get to create your own character! As of right now for the BETA you just can make Namekian and Male of Female Saiyan! Now unlike Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi’s Chracter creator Dragon Ball Xenoverse promises to have more than 400 customizable items and already from the Saiyan Character I made it was already more expansive and interesting with just the Hair alone! I may have spent 30mins creating the best BETA Dragon Ball Character. I am looking forward to making the perfect character when the game finally comes out!

indedxindedxindedxDRAGON GAMEPLAYindedxindedxindedx

No matter how you slice it about 99% of the Dragon Ball games are Fighting Games and Xenoverse’s combat system is Amazing! It’s frantic, fast paced, and most importantly FUN and not tedious its easy to pick up and just have a fun time but it also gets a lot deeper with chaining Ki attacks and disappearing moves! (Which are finally back!) for the more hardcore fighting fans which is fantastic so its really awesome to see that they are catering to both hardcore fans and the causal ones! (Fun fact: The same people who made the Budokai series are actually helping if not developing this game!) So knowing that I at least went into the game with an open mind and an incredibly sour taste in my mouth from what Battle of Z left! You can 1v1 matches 2v2 and 3v3 and Xenoverse does all of them very well and somehow makes it still feel solid and not frustrating (Unlike Battle of Z) Also in game transformations are back! It seems like they are taking everything thats awesome about the Dragon Ball Z games and everything that past Dragon Ball games did absolutely wrong and making them better and putting them into Xenoverse… And I’m okay with that! I played about 5 online matches and for the most part it was all stable there was only one time where I experienced lag but it quickly corrected itself and it was back to high flying action! The best way I can describe the gameplay overall is Budokai 3 and Infinite World mixed with Budokai Tenkaichi 3’s scope of the battlefield and the speed of the combat!

indedxindedxindedxindedxDRAGON HUBindedxindedxindedxindedx

The HUB basically where it becomes sore of an MMO type deal in you take your character you go around and connect with other players, do versus matches, etc its an interesting thing and I am excited to see where the full release of the game! Not too much to this place its of course I imagine where a lot of the plot is going to take place what with the story taking a Days of Future Past kind of route but I am glad to see something new and fresh all together from a Dragon Ball game that always had you fighting the same villains since Dragon Ball Z: Kyôshū! Saiyan back in 1990! How they have been able to beat that dead horse for more than 20 years is beyond me! But hey there have been some really awesome DBZ games!

indedxindedxindedxindedxindedxDRAGON BETA PROBLEMSindedxindedxindedxindedxindedx

I am going to be real now the only problem I have with this BETA is the Server because its 70% of the time under maintenance and thats fine I get it! The game is in BETA and they are working hard probably around the clock to give an amazing Dragon Ball experience so thats fine its really my only gripe and I just let it go and I will play something else while I wait for it to be good to go!

indedxindedxindedxindedxindedxindedxDRAGON VERDICTindedxindedxindedxindedxindedxindedx

Even though this is just the BETA I am stoked for this game it restored my confidence in Dragon Ball Z games after the Past two I am so going to pre-order this game and pick it Day-One its going to be worth it! Will Dragon Ball Xenoverse actually be the best thing come from a Dragon Ball game? Or will it fail like its predecessors? Find out in Earyl 2015 when the game is released!

I give The BETA for Dragon Ball Xenoverse a 9.5 Dead Yamcha’s out of 10!

+Awesome Fast Paced gameplay

+Easy to Pick Up Hard to Put Down

-Server Troubles -no big deal though-

+Good stable connection that doesn’t conflict with Gameplay

Gotham “Pilot” Quick Review


Alright I admit I was worried about Gotham even though I am huge DC fan I was skeptical on a show about freaking Commissioner Gordon who is a character I could care less for don’t know why I just don’t care for him!

Somewhat Spoilers ahead… Somewhat!

So the show opens up with Catwoman (Catgirl? CatPreTeen?) walking through the streets of Gotham stealing milk and a guys wallet and then giving it to a cat in an Alleyway speaking of Alleyway we get to see a scene that has been done to death… (Too soon?)  But what I did like about this scene of Bruce Wayne’s parents being killed is that there was a lot more emotion and I actually felt for Bruce which I don’t think I have ever really cared about it in past movies maybe its because I just wanted it to get to the Batman Part but maybe knowing Batman isn’t going to be in this I can just focus on whats going on in the scene.

Gotham also conveyed the true essence of what the Streets of Gotham would be like (Even though brief) its literally a crime infested place and I love it and I hope we get to see more of that as the series progresses!

Every character in this show in this show is awesome! They all have their own motives others and they don’t over shadow the main plot and those characters don’t overshadow others if anything they actually enhance and complement them and make their performances more believable and the show itself even more awesome! The true star of the show is of course Jim Gordon (Benjamin McKenzie) its his Origin Show so its really gonna all come back to him in one way or another and it actually works because he truly em-body’s what a young Gordon dealing with a bunch of crooked cops and being the only good one would be like Righteous, strong, and cunning!

They hinted at a bunch of possible side story-lines and possibly future main story-lines and they were subtle as to not distract from what was going on in the main plot what with the relationship between Barbara and Montoya or maybe even a Solomon Grundy episode!?

Overall I feel really optimistic about Gotham its action is solid the story is awesome, the characters are believable and it has real potential and a great future! I would love to see a Spin off Batman show perhaps when the show ends! The show overall seems awesome and I’m excited to see future episodes I can’t wait to see where they actually go with all this! I just wish DC would get a lock on their movies like they do with their TV shows!

I give GOTHAM: 9 Character Easter Eggs out of 10

If you like comic book shows or movies watch this! If you like DC you probably already watched it! If you like crime shows watch this! Its got a little something for everybody!

Gotham is like Sopranos with DC Comics… And that’s okay!