Dragon Ball Xenoverse BETA Review



The newest Dragon Ball game Dragon Ball Xenoverse  is here… Well kind of in the form of a BETA to a few lucky people and I just happen to be one of them! Now I will say unrelated to DBX I love it when game companies release a BETA test to the people to play and give feedback and improve the game upon the feed back from the people! I wish game companies would do this more often!

So just a recap this Years Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z was CRAP!! The only thing good about that game was the 4v4 matches while it was awesome in theory it was the terrible and headache inducing gameplay made it a terrible experience! I am a huge DBZ fan and I was excited for the game I thought it was going to be like my number 1 favorite DBZ game Dragon Ball Z: Idainaru Dragonball Densetsu a title that only came out in Japan for the PSX and Sega Saturn. It was true to the Anime but also at the same time the player had a albeit limited freedom to complete the story! For instance if you wanted to have Krillin beat Frieza you could do that! As crazy as that sounds you could do it or if you wanted to kill both Krillin and Piccolo while fighting Frieza and when you select your next character you’ll find that Goku went Super Saiyan there’s so much more to the game that made it awesome and one of the most true DBZ experiences and I still play the game to this very day! IN FACT The last two Dragon Ball Z games have just been garbage! While Ultimate Tenkaichi was more playable and more enjoyable than Battle of Z they both are still LAZY pieces of crap and just terrible cash ins on the Dragon Ball Z license! BUT Does Dragon Ball Xenoverse hold high promise for the Dragon Ball game future? Find out on the next paragraph of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse BETA Review!!

indedxindedxDRAGON STARTindedxindedx

So you boot the game up agree to the User Agreement connect to the Server and create your save file you then you get to create your own character! As of right now for the BETA you just can make Namekian and Male of Female Saiyan! Now unlike Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi’s Chracter creator Dragon Ball Xenoverse promises to have more than 400 customizable items and already from the Saiyan Character I made it was already more expansive and interesting with just the Hair alone! I may have spent 30mins creating the best BETA Dragon Ball Character. I am looking forward to making the perfect character when the game finally comes out!

indedxindedxindedxDRAGON GAMEPLAYindedxindedxindedx

No matter how you slice it about 99% of the Dragon Ball games are Fighting Games and Xenoverse’s combat system is Amazing! It’s frantic, fast paced, and most importantly FUN and not tedious its easy to pick up and just have a fun time but it also gets a lot deeper with chaining Ki attacks and disappearing moves! (Which are finally back!) for the more hardcore fighting fans which is fantastic so its really awesome to see that they are catering to both hardcore fans and the causal ones! (Fun fact: The same people who made the Budokai series are actually helping if not developing this game!) So knowing that I at least went into the game with an open mind and an incredibly sour taste in my mouth from what Battle of Z left! You can 1v1 matches 2v2 and 3v3 and Xenoverse does all of them very well and somehow makes it still feel solid and not frustrating (Unlike Battle of Z) Also in game transformations are back! It seems like they are taking everything thats awesome about the Dragon Ball Z games and everything that past Dragon Ball games did absolutely wrong and making them better and putting them into Xenoverse… And I’m okay with that! I played about 5 online matches and for the most part it was all stable there was only one time where I experienced lag but it quickly corrected itself and it was back to high flying action! The best way I can describe the gameplay overall is Budokai 3 and Infinite World mixed with Budokai Tenkaichi 3’s scope of the battlefield and the speed of the combat!

indedxindedxindedxindedxDRAGON HUBindedxindedxindedxindedx

The HUB basically where it becomes sore of an MMO type deal in you take your character you go around and connect with other players, do versus matches, etc its an interesting thing and I am excited to see where the full release of the game! Not too much to this place its of course I imagine where a lot of the plot is going to take place what with the story taking a Days of Future Past kind of route but I am glad to see something new and fresh all together from a Dragon Ball game that always had you fighting the same villains since Dragon Ball Z: Kyôshū! Saiyan back in 1990! How they have been able to beat that dead horse for more than 20 years is beyond me! But hey there have been some really awesome DBZ games!

indedxindedxindedxindedxindedxDRAGON BETA PROBLEMSindedxindedxindedxindedxindedx

I am going to be real now the only problem I have with this BETA is the Server because its 70% of the time under maintenance and thats fine I get it! The game is in BETA and they are working hard probably around the clock to give an amazing Dragon Ball experience so thats fine its really my only gripe and I just let it go and I will play something else while I wait for it to be good to go!

indedxindedxindedxindedxindedxindedxDRAGON VERDICTindedxindedxindedxindedxindedxindedx

Even though this is just the BETA I am stoked for this game it restored my confidence in Dragon Ball Z games after the Past two I am so going to pre-order this game and pick it Day-One its going to be worth it! Will Dragon Ball Xenoverse actually be the best thing come from a Dragon Ball game? Or will it fail like its predecessors? Find out in Earyl 2015 when the game is released!

I give The BETA for Dragon Ball Xenoverse a 9.5 Dead Yamcha’s out of 10!

+Awesome Fast Paced gameplay

+Easy to Pick Up Hard to Put Down

-Server Troubles -no big deal though-

+Good stable connection that doesn’t conflict with Gameplay

Gotham “Pilot” Quick Review


Alright I admit I was worried about Gotham even though I am huge DC fan I was skeptical on a show about freaking Commissioner Gordon who is a character I could care less for don’t know why I just don’t care for him!

Somewhat Spoilers ahead… Somewhat!

So the show opens up with Catwoman (Catgirl? CatPreTeen?) walking through the streets of Gotham stealing milk and a guys wallet and then giving it to a cat in an Alleyway speaking of Alleyway we get to see a scene that has been done to death… (Too soon?)  But what I did like about this scene of Bruce Wayne’s parents being killed is that there was a lot more emotion and I actually felt for Bruce which I don’t think I have ever really cared about it in past movies maybe its because I just wanted it to get to the Batman Part but maybe knowing Batman isn’t going to be in this I can just focus on whats going on in the scene.

Gotham also conveyed the true essence of what the Streets of Gotham would be like (Even though brief) its literally a crime infested place and I love it and I hope we get to see more of that as the series progresses!

Every character in this show in this show is awesome! They all have their own motives others and they don’t over shadow the main plot and those characters don’t overshadow others if anything they actually enhance and complement them and make their performances more believable and the show itself even more awesome! The true star of the show is of course Jim Gordon (Benjamin McKenzie) its his Origin Show so its really gonna all come back to him in one way or another and it actually works because he truly em-body’s what a young Gordon dealing with a bunch of crooked cops and being the only good one would be like Righteous, strong, and cunning!

They hinted at a bunch of possible side story-lines and possibly future main story-lines and they were subtle as to not distract from what was going on in the main plot what with the relationship between Barbara and Montoya or maybe even a Solomon Grundy episode!?

Overall I feel really optimistic about Gotham its action is solid the story is awesome, the characters are believable and it has real potential and a great future! I would love to see a Spin off Batman show perhaps when the show ends! The show overall seems awesome and I’m excited to see future episodes I can’t wait to see where they actually go with all this! I just wish DC would get a lock on their movies like they do with their TV shows!

I give GOTHAM: 9 Character Easter Eggs out of 10

If you like comic book shows or movies watch this! If you like DC you probably already watched it! If you like crime shows watch this! Its got a little something for everybody!

Gotham is like Sopranos with DC Comics… And that’s okay!




      Destiny has finally released across all major console platforms. The game has been been through quite a lot from Push backs to servers being down for the BETA release. Now its finally out! And let me tell you it is probably the best game to be released after the lie of 2014 in Gaming! But does the game have enough content in it to last Destiny’s Ten Year plan for the game? If you’ve played it you already know if you haven’t and are teetering on buying the game and spending $60+ dollars on this game and want to know if you should buy it, Read on!

Short Answer is…. YES you should buy it forget what critics say honestly! You really should if you have a PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, or Xbox One this is a must buy for any platform! But I’m sure you wanna know why you should buy this game! Right!?

You play as a “Guardian” a character you create from the 3 available classes Titan, Hunter, and Warlock and then you choose from 3 other Races Human, Awoken, and a Robot there may not be too much customization to the character at the start but throughout the you will get different pieces of armor that you will be able to make your character look both awesome and protect you from your enemies! Once you’ve gotten your character just how you like it you begin the game!

        When you begin you’re dead and then brought back to life by Peter Dinklage none the less! Well he’s your “Ghost” he’s your Navi, Cortana, or Angel! Throughout the game he will lead and guide you and give you a narrative of the story and what’s going on and what The Fallen who you will mowing down wave after wave!


        The Gameplay is where Destiny shines! Its tight and responsive the controls are familiar to just about any other First Person Shooter game so anyone who has played at least two of them will feel right at home! A smart decision in my opinion because instead of learning new controls players can easily jump right in and enjoy all that Destiny’s gameplay has to offer! Which basic at its core is but as you go through the game you’ll learn that the gameplay is surprisingly deep and most importantly FUN!! (Which is in my opinion something that was sorely lacking in this years line of games)


Here is a breaking point for some buyers, the game always requires an internet connection so if you are an Xbox or PS4 owner you’ll need their respective Online gaming membership services BUT if you’re a PS3 owner its all free! While that may seem like a turn off to some the always online actually works and works very well with Destiny if youre doing the main campaign you may or may not run into someone who is the same level or higher who is doing the same thing or is just there to help newcomers who may not be too good. Doing this Bungie was able to create an experience that is awesome and rewarding to all players.

The World!

        You will go throw different parts various worlds for whatever mission you choose from Earth to the Moon, Mars, Mercury, and Europa while I would have loved for this aspect to have been more like Skyrim in where I can just explore the vast worlds and just gone around doing whatever I wanted! Even though I can’t do this and it feels like a more linear experience you will definitely get a lot of loot and XP during these missions! So they somehow found a good balance! I still would have loved to explore Mars though but I had fun with multiple missions I had on it!

Leveling up!

      Like most games that involve some sort of questing you’re character will level up! I will say that Leveling Up your character(s) in Destiny feels great! It feels like you’ve earned that Level Up and with it a new ability! Leveling doesn’t feel like a chore or like you’re just going through the motions just to get another ability like in most games out today! You’ll want to keep on leveling and may even forget how much time has passed!

The Social World…

     When you’re not fighting the Falleb you can visit the Social Hub where all the Hunters go to buy new guns get bounties, Side quests and more! Instead of the more action oriented First Person perspective you will be able to see your character in a Third Person perspective and see what your Guardian looks like there isn’t much to this world aside from the social aspect of it. Although you will spend a little bit of time there every now and again!


Unlike Destiny’s main campaign where it is cooperative multiplayer Destiny’s Crucible is where the Competitive Multiplayer comes into play. In this you have Control, Rumble, Skirmish, and Clash. At the core they are your standard multiplayer modes that you have seen before while they may not add anything new to the fray what I really liked is that the weapons you got while playing the main campaign are the weapons you use in them there aren’t any pre-set lead outs like in other shooters it boils down to what you’ve been using in the game! I find this both Really Cool and a LITTLE Bad. Really cool because if you have grown accustomed to using a certain Pulse Rifle you get to use that in the campaign you will get to use it in The Crucible. Bad because that Pulse Rifle can have an Fire element ability and an attack of 84 you get to use that against a person with rifle with an attack of 34 so the person with the better weapon has a better advantage agasint the other person but then it can come down to the other persons skills because its possible for that player with the 34 atk can get a few kills on the person with the 84 Pulse Rifle by using everything in their available arsenal from grenades to abilities like the Knife throw it can be done just requires a little bit of wit and thinking which is awesome!


         While a lot of critics may not like the game or think Destiny is Average at best or whatever! I can as person who SELDOM buys brand new games the day they come out and will just wait for a price drop or a used Copy at GameStop or ask for it for a Christmas present or borrow it from a buddy who doesn’t play it anymore I can HONESTLY say Destiny is one of the few games of the year that is worth the $60 asking price its so much FUN! It has already provided me with 20+ hrs of content and playing it through the past week the game hasn’t grown dull or boring it continues to be a truly fun gaming experience and I really recommend that YOU go out and pick up a copy if you have any gaming console! You won’t be disappointed! I would even say that Unless Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain come out in 2014 Destiny is Sure contender for Game of The Year!

That is Why I’m giving 9.5 DEAD GURDIANS OUT OF 10!

Teenage Mutant Megan Fox Amazing Spider Man Nina Turtles (I’ll get around to reviewing this movie review/rant #1)


 Well… I saw Teenage mutant ninja turtles after taking my sweet time to see this movie I tricked my friend into seeing it instead of seeing Guardians of The Galaxy (why? I have NO IDEA) first off I will say every bad thought I had about Turtles and them being crazy  looking or whatever I take back! The turtles are awesome! When they are on screen its just the best! The way they interact with each other is probably the best I’ve seen in any Turtles movie adaptation or even some cartoons!

I went into this movie Optimistic I’m not the biggest fan of the Turtles I like them I think they are really cool! So to be fair I erased all Prior TMNT cartoons and movies from my mind!

Sitting through the first part the movie is almost unbearable! Why? Because the TURTLES ARE BARELY IN IT! The parts they are in are awesome but its like the feeling you get when your about to sneeze and you don’t and you’re just left with that lingering feeling like “Oh yeah that sneeze was gonna be good now its gone deal with it!” That’s multiple times of the first part of the movie! When the movie finally decides to let the Turtles have their movie they can’t have it all just yet because MEGAN FOX!! This is the Megan Fox and The Turtles just kinda happen to be there movie! Don’t get me wrong I think Megan Fox is a very pretty woman, but her acting skills :{ I wanted her to be good in this movie I REALLY did because I like the movies I spend Money on I want everything to be the best! I will say she didn’t ruin it she just made it VERY VERY VERY VERY CONVENIENT!! Not just her character but just about everything about this movie was convenient from the random  Ninjutsu book ending up in the sewer to Splinter somehow having all those weapons oh that’s right Plot! Who throes away a Ninjutsu book and weapons? I’ll tell you who Mr. Plot and Ms. Script! That’s besides the point!

When the turtles finally get to have more of their movie it gets pretty awesome! They look so good in action it almost felt like they were real! Seeing them just man handle the “Foot” Clan was just hilarious and one of the highlights of this movie!

The “villains” of the movie Shredder and Eric Sacks (who was originally planned to be Shredder but because crazy fanboys he was just some random dude who just so happened to be connected to the Turtles and Apirl O’Neil (who would have thought) So Shredder and Eric have a plan to release a toxin into New York City harming the… People and the company….. Where have I seen this before!? Hmmm I remember the movie not being too “Amazing” I remember also while watching it I squashed a “Spider” and said “Man” that was gross! I can’t remember where I saw that from…

Anyway! The Villains were lame Shredder looked like Transformer who didn’t make the cut! And that’s not Shredder he had very simple armor and was a more superior fighter then the Turtles and I for one think it would have been more cool if he just had Simple armor and he could still wreck them but he was also on the defense because the turtles were stronger than him!  That would have made him more intimidating then just a giant suit! You could also tell that there were some re-shoots because in an interview William Fitchner said he was going to be Shredder and at first I was confused but it could have been food especially with the back story he had! How he grew up in Japan and was trained by a Sensei and watching it I was thinking oh man this could he really awesome!! I want him as Shredder! He always plays a good villain! In this not so much it was almost like they were supposed to have Baxter Stockman in the movie and they just got rid of him and have those lines to Eric Sacks and put some new lines for the Shredder (who may or may not be Oroku Saki or Oroku Nagi never explained only reaffirming mw that they just threw him in there. Honestly They should have stuck to their guns and just ran with it! In my opinion)

I’m getting a headache… Time to end this!

Look This wasn’t a bad movie… If you’re a kid if you see this “TURN YOUR BRAIN OFF!” The second half of the movie was fun! Like really good if they just shown the second half it would have been that much better! I wished they focused less on Megan Fox and a lot more on the Turtles because every scene they were in was GOLD! I also find this a Problem with movies like these with these Extraordinary characters like in Transformers! They focused WAY TOO MUCH on the humans! I’m sure a lot of people don’t care about the humans and wanna what the movie is about and not the humans… Maybe it us just me and I’m complaining this… Ugh! I just wanted this movie to be great all around! Its hard to rate this movie because it was both bad and Good and above average…

I give this movie a 7.5 convenient ninja books out of 10!
-The movie as a series has GREAT potential the Turtles are amazing I wished they would have had a bit more screen time.

-The story was weak and riddled with plot holes

-The humans in the next movie either need to be Interesting, Better actors, or have so little screen time compared to the Turtles!

This is how I think the ending of the movie should have gone if Eric Sacks was Shredder.

After Eric Sacks returns to his home defeated by the Turtles someone is in Main Room it the Oroku Saki he’s like “You couldn’t even handle a few Turtles!? You are no student of mine!” Then Shredder kills him and tells him “You are of no use to our plan!” You then open the door to a whole bunch of new possibilities within the TMNT universe!
That’s just me though haha!

I’ll get around to seeing a better movie! Until next time!!

LUCY “quick reviews! #1”


I saw Lucy yesterday and while it was very unrealistic and not because of the  whole unlocking the brain part it was the actors and the random people reactedto situations and what was going on that made me shake my head!
Scarlett Johansson did an okay job with what she had. Which was be a zombie that is smart pretty much! It didn’t make sense on why exactly she acted the way she did later on if anything having more brain power her emotions and what not should have been multiplied by like 100% (see what I did there) we really only saw that one time and it was awesome but it only lasted a couple minutes!  This was also the first movie I wanted to tell Morgan Freeman to shut up because it felt like he 1. Didn’t know what he was talking about 2. At times didn’t even believe it and just gave lines (just how I felt) also he just so happe ed to be right about unlocking more of your “Cerebral Capacity”
The ending didn’t make sense and no ending has ever not made less sense than that since Dragon Ball: Evolution (but we don’t talk about Dragon Ball: Evolution! LUCY was a good movie for turning your brain off about a movie unlocking your brain… Through drugs! Its a above average and I feel that if they took a little bit more time with the overall story it could be sooo much better!

It may not get Scarlett Johansson any closer to a black widow solo movie though (maybe I don’t know that’s another topic maybe I’ll talk about in the near future) and honestly it should have really been a video game I feel something like this would be better suited for that medium it would let the player control LUCY and experience gaining that 100% of power there could be a cool upgrading tree and you could even choose a different type of 100% brain power as well! (I am thinking too much into this!)
The movies chracters were kind of flat I really didn’t care or sypmpathize with anyone and no one felt relatable in anyway they felt like cardboard cut outs! I mean unless your a French cop? Or a Taiwanese Gangster? A scientist? 

All in all I will say visually it was awesome it looked like something that should and could be on PS4 but it was not bad BUT there’s better movies to see (Guardians of the Galaxy) and theirs also worse (Transformers Age of Extinction)

I’ll say that LUCY is one of the most original sci-fi movies to come out in recent memory that is interesting and doesn’t totally fall flat on its face, and I love how the writer and director totally took advantage of the whole using more than 10% of your brain because no one really knows what you could do!  I just wished they went in a little more in depth and why she could do all these things. so I will give it props and I am also not saying its a bad movie at all its just you should really turn your brain off big time and just enjoy it for what it is. Which is an original sci-fi flick
I say wait for LUCY to come to the cheap theaters or Red Box!

I give LUCY 6.5 Brains out of 10!

My only beef with the movie is that I wish the story was fleshed out a little more there were more interesting characters!

And that was a quickie!

Street FIghter Assassins Fist: Review

                 Image                                                           Introduction
Street Fighter Assassins Fist, is a 13 episode mini-series adaptation that has been in the works for the past 4 years created by Joey Ansah and Christian Howard on the YouTube Channel Machinima. Based off of the long running and popular fighting game franchise “Street Fighter” with about 25+ main Street Fighter games spanning across all consoles and arcade machines and even more along with versus games and collections of games. All having a dedicated fan-base, through the years there have been two live action movie attempts to recreate the Street Fighter Magic the first was the 1994 movie with action star Jean Claude Van-Damme albeit the movie was so bad and campy it was almost good even funny at times. They just shouldn’t have called it Street Fighter. The second attempt was in 2009 with Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. This movie was not only bad in everyway but it seemed that it tried to do what Marvel is doing and Start a Cinematic Universe but with the Street Fighter Characters. Why they began with Chun-Li who is only a very small part to the Street Fighter Mythos is beyond me (nothing came of this while they did try at the end to introduce Ryu as to have the next movie) The only movies that have been able to come close and superseded the Street Fighter magic were the anime adaptations Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha Generations, and Street Fighter 2: The Movie. When the first trailer calling itself “Street Fighter Legacy” showcased main fighters/friends and rivals Ryu (Played by Jon Foo) and Ken (Christian Howard) fighting in a forest doing all of their signature moves such as the Hadoken, Shoryuken, and the hard to pronounce by the average person Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku. At the very end it showed Akuma (Joey Ansah) and then it was over. This trailer got fans of Street Fighter who have wanted an adaptation done right at a whole new level of “Hype” for the series what with Street Fighter 4 coming back after a ten year hiatus from Street Fighter 3: Third Strike-Fight for The Future and being total success and reinvigorate the even the most casual of Street Fighter fan. With the show on a four year hiatus fans began to worry about the shows future, but the creators made sure to keep up with the fans and let them know that Street Fighter Legacy now Called Street Fighter Assassins Fist was very much alive and in production! May 23, 2014 is when it was finally released, but did it live up to the name of Street Fighter? Or was it just another Hollywood
mess? Read on to Find out as I talk about The Good, The Bad, and The Special

                                                                                The Good
Street Fighter Assassins Fist (SFAF) opens up to 3 men training in a Martial Art called “Ansatsuken” which in Japan was used as an Assassination Art. Goken the Master (Akira Koieyama) Ken Masters (Christian Howard) and Ryu (Played by new actor Mike Moh) demonstrate much skill and soon display those familiar moves being done.
The show takes place in the 1950s through flashbacks to the 1980s as its “Present Day” SFAF does an amazing job with the Flashbacks explaining The Younger Goken (Shogen) training under his master Goutetsu (Togo Igawa) and his Brother Goki (Gaku Space) and his struggle for ultimate power leaving the Dojo to fully master the forbidden art of Satsui No Hado (Murderous Intent) and seeing their struggles as both brothers and as they learn Ansatsuken. For the first time I felt like the flashbacks were ACTUALLY necessary to the story itself instead of just being shoehorned in just to increase runtime. Such as the flashbacks of Goki of how he was once a good man to him abandoning his humanity and training in Satsui No Hado taking the path of the Shin Oni for preparation to become Akuma (demon)
Another thing this show does well is making it feel like the video game brought to life! Which has only been done by Mortal Kombat films and Mortal Kombat Legacy but even then some of the characters didn’t feel like the characters in the games. I know I may sound like a Street Fighter Fan Boy and a Mortal Kombat hater but that’s not the case at all! I love both series a lot Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter 2 were the first games I ever played. Its just when I am close to a video game like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter and there is going to be a live adaptation of it I want it to be perfect so I can see more in the future! While I was watching SFAF I noticed that in the fighting that the fighters would only move in a 2-D like fighting ground despite being in a 3-D background like the video games (minus the EX series) It was a nice little touch for the creators to add. The characters felt like the video game characters brought to life and done well! Ryu (my favorite character in Street Fighter) played by Mike Moh was going to get my heaviest of judgment and I was pleasantly surprised at how he played the Young Ryu! He really played up all the qualities; from him being a very skilled fighter but still a bit inexperienced to not knowing much if anything about life outside of his dojo and the forest he really made the character his own and at the same time staying true to him. I had no complaints with him or any of the other actors. They all did a phenomenal job I will say even beyond Phenomenal even for staying so true to the characters and the source material!

                                                                                 The Bad-
No The Bad! I know I will really sound like a fan boy now but I am very serious when I say there is no bad in this mini-series. The only bad thing I can even think is that The episodes are only 9-14 minuets long although they are action and story packed I would have loved to see what else the writers would have put in if it had a longer run time maybe some more fights, dialogue, or explanation of the Satsui No Hado but with what they had they did an amazing job with not making it feel boring or an episode that is just kinda there. Every episode was important!

The Special-
Throughout the episodes true fans of the series and of Capcom will see tons of Easter eggs and it’s so good! Mire casual fans may not but I will point out my favorites and arguably the best ones! For instance when Ken and Ryu go to the Bar and see an Underground Fight Club as soon as they enter a man appears and stops them! Those who follow Street Fighter will automatically know who this man is! Its Yoshinori Ono who some have called the Grandfather of Street Fighter! Another special thing is that When Akuma is Fighting his Master Gotetsu he does a Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku followed by a Shoryuken which in tournaments and online people who play as Akuma do this sort of combination. Another special thing is a training montage with Ken and Ryu you hear the Street Fighter theme (but that’s only a small part of it) Then their Master Goken pulls up with to their training grounds with groceries. As Ken walks up to the car door Goken opens it stopping him and hands him a package in that package is the hit game Mega Man 2 a game created by Capcom in the 80s! One of my favorites was when Ken and Ryu were about to do their final test they gave each other the fist bump which they always do in the games when you pick Ryu and Ken! There’s a ton more but these are probably the best!

Final Thoughts/Scoring-
All in all Street Fighter Assassins Fist is not only a way to show big mainstream studios that there can be great live action video game adaptations but also that anything is possible if you believe in what you are doing and are absolutely serious about it! Despite its short run time and low budget it rose above all past Street Fighter adaptations and set an incredibly high bar (In my opinion) not only for themselves for a next season but for anyone or studio who wants to tackle Street Fighter! That is why I am giving Street Fighter Assassins Fist a 10/10! I feel it’s rightfully deserved they touched on everything important in the mythos of Street Fighter and again set an incredibly high bar for anymore Street Fighter Adaptations whether they be anime or live action. If you are a fan of Street Fighter you should (and probably have watched this already) but for new comers who are a bit curious about what it is this is a great starting point if you want to get into the games or anime! Ultra Street Fighter 4 has just released as DLC to Super Street Fighter 4 and Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition along with other Street Fighter games and Capcom fighters on PSN, eShop, iOS, and XBLA! So you can get a nice Street Fighter fix anywhere!


-Awesome Action

-Stayed True to Source Material

-Good Acting

-Great Story

-Great Character development




Dragons Love

There once was an Emperor in Japan by the name of Sanno Ryu of the Black Dragon Lineage. Like his family before he too was born with darker skin, making it appear as if his body had been chard by the flames of the Kurosashi  bestowing upon his clan with amazing power and prowess. Sanno being the youngest emperor to have ever ruled over an entire country even though he was only twenty he had the makings of a great emperor and even greater . He was kind, loving, empathetic towards all. All loved him and he loved them. Even though Sanno was loved by all he lived alone in his palace wanting a wife, wishing he’d find true love. Despite the relationships he had been in the women only wanted him for his wealth and power over the land. He had all but given up hope for love.


Over time he began to grow quite fond of a priestess by the name of Sakura Namikaze of the White Snake clan. In legend It is said in legend that the Black Dragon and the White Snake blood lines must never be together for their offspring would bring misfortune and chaos to the land and the families of both clan. Sanno knowing all this he still pursued the priestess with all his heart she was everything he wanted in a woman. She was beautiful, smart, and loving. Above all else she admired Sanno for who he was despite him being the lord of Japan. He was so taken with her he shirked off all his duties as lord. Sanno’s closest friend the Shogunite and his the head of his council both advised Sanno that sakura could not and would not return his feelings he had for her. Ignoring them he continued to pursue her. It was a two full years before Sanno professed his love for Sakura even despite the warnings from both his head of council and the Shogunite, but he never listened to them. He wanted her so much he couldn’t see the truth. She could not however return his feelings.  A heart broken Sanno who  could no longer take the pain began to grow cold his heart hardened, the man people began to love was changing. He began to take over surrounding countries he found a new love in the battlefield. It was rumored that the spirit of Kurosashi had possessed Sanno and was then able to take over the 12 surrounding countries and take over what was known as the Other Land completely alone


When Sanno had fallen into a greater despair he suddenly A mysterious woman had appeared out of nowhere as if she was sent by God himself. He name was Mei the Shoguns daughter from The Land of Overflowing Water. He didn’t know what to expect when this woman captivated Sanno. She was caring to him and his needs and wants she was compassionate and understanding to him for keeping his heart close to him and hidden.  Hearing of his new found love Sakura spotted the two new lovers walking around the streets during the festivals. Seeing the man who once loved her had moved on, and it pained Sakura from the inside. She was persistent to have Sanno for herself. She had finally realized Sanno was the best person in her life but she feared it was too late. The more cold and cynical Sanno she had created was no more. Even though she pleaded and begged Sanno for  him to return to her life but her words fell on deaf ears. A sadden Sakura left crying but Sanno had not forgiven her but apart of him. Still having an ounce of feelings left he realized he was still madly in love with her. However he soon remembered the pain he endured because of her and he simply brushed her to side. After every encounter they have had from the Festival of The Dragons- he acted like she never existed. He was happy and content Mei. Sakura had tried time and time again to sabotage their love but each time she failed. When Sanno learned of this he had her banished. When asked by his servants if he was being harsh his now wife told them it was none of their concern.
 For in secret Mei executed Sakura for coming between her and Sanno’s love….

END Part 0



The year is 30X5 the world of old and new have been thrown into chaos multiple times. War has become a routine. The power belongs solely to people and what they are willing to do to survive and live to see the next day. Humans have become more destructive than ever, the Earth fed off on the negative energy that was in the human races existence. After the first EARTH had failed more than half of the human race has fled to another planet with less than sustainable living conditions and because of the planet’s incomplete design and lack of energy it receives. The planet has been solely been dubbed as Interim Marco-Cosm (I.M.C), With only enough ENERGY and resources to last what has become pf the human race for almost forty-seven years. Through all odds the human race have survived I.M.C. for more than a hundred years now.


In the year 31X7 the WAR between what was left of the Earth and I.M.C. was waged. The remaining humans from Earth had  lost all resources for food and energy and began to die at an alarming pace until a Sage from the world below found a way to survive. He unlocked the human spirit by killing the flesh suit and destroying the body’s weaknesses and shedding the concepts of all logical explanation and gaining spiritual understanding and awakening. The Sage was then able find a way to live and exist without the need eat or rest he was the first of many ∅humans. He reluctantly taught the people to gain this ability because he knew what kind of destruction the humans were capable of. Some people saw this as a second chance at life but the vast majority only saw it as the one and only chance to gain the upper hand and win the war. The inhabitants of I.M.C. were out classed in every way they were being picked off one by one.


Even though the ∅humans were incredibly outnumbered they would not be so easily killed it was a matter of days before the ∅humans killed everyone and everything on IMC before destroying the planet and the planets newly blackened sun leaving no evidence that the planet ever existed. When the ∅HUMANS had returned to Earth The Sage was greatly distressed because the “∅” technique was originally invented as a means to survive on a desolate planet and not for means of war. Raising his hand to the black sky five bursts of light destroyed the bodies of the ∅humans from the inside out. Thus returning them to their normal human selves and putting a spiritual seal on the chest of every human.


In an instant the Sage was gone and faded into the darkest part of space where not even the STARS SHINE.


Only to awake when JUDGEMENT arises from the dead Earth…