Batman: Arkham Knight REVIEW!

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Batman’s story is finally coming to a close in Batman: Arkham Knight, but does Batman have what it takes to save Gotham from one of its biggest threats? Let’s find out!

Batman Arkham Knight takes a few months after the events of Arkham City and crime actually started to go down but its Gotham City so we all know that won’t last long and sure enough it doesn’t. In comes Batman to beat down the thugs! Once you start to play as Batman you are instantly thrown into the huge Gotham City, unlike its previous games where it had you do certain things then you get to play around in the open world. Let me be the first to tell you that the Gotham City that is recreated in Arkham Knight is so well done and beautiful! Its literal chaos and it’s a playground for you just beat up the games thugs if you want to do that. There is so much attention to detail that I can see why the game was pushed back a couple of times. The Main Story will take you about 12hrs depending how good you are the pace you go at. In the story Scarecrow has released his fear toxin to some people and it is making them go crazy. You are clearly exposed to the toxin early in the game, when this happens you get a guide that will appear every so often and sometimes help you during the story. The story does go into some supernatural themes but I was okay with that because you get to see and feel Batman lose it as he is trying to save Gotham at the same time. Throughout the story you will come in contact with tons of familiar faces and some new ones depending on your knowledge of Batman. You’ll meet Robin, Knightwing, Cat Woman, the second Robin, and more! But that’s all fine the big question on everyone’s mind was “Who is the Arkham Knight” and While I did figure it out pretty quickly having the game throw countless clues that were not subtle at all, I personally liked it and how they did changing up some things with the overall Batman Mythos, I just didn’t like it overall and how it was resolved and how I still had many questions after the main story was done with. After the main story is done though that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the game, there’s tons of sidequests to do that a person like me who hates side quests because they always feel dumb I actually had a fun time going through and doing a lot of the side quests. You’ll be taking down Penguins men with Knightwing, saving firefighters, of course doing the Riddlers challenges. There’s so much to do in the game that you may feel overwhelmed but it’s a good thing in this game because it makes you feel like you’ve gotten your money’s worth and that the game will last you a long time and keep you coming back for more until they all say 100%. Even though I was disappointed a couple of times during the story the overall presentation and feel more than make up for it all!

Now the story may be great but what about the gameplay? Well you can finally use the Batmobile! For years I have wanted to get in the Batmobile and drive around just to see what it’s like finally Arkham Knight lets me it has two modes A Tank mode which you will be using for platforming and destroying tanks and a Racecar mode which lets you zip around Gotham at incredible speeds. Since this is a totally brand new aspect to the Arkham games you can believe that you will be using A LOT of the Batmobile, while I didn’t have problem with that the Batmobile parts did get increasingly harder which wasn’t a bad thing it was just extremely frustrating to me so just be sure to upgrade your Batmobile! When you aren’t in the Batmobile you will be on foot (of course) and the combat gameplay is better than ever! Batman hits harder and at a lot of points I feel really bad for the thugs when the thug is down and Batman is just wailing on them until they are unconscious. But it’s so satisfying! You will encounter multiple enemies requiring different ways to take them down some of them having to use your gadgets which actually flow really well this time around. Stealth take downs make you really feel like Batman especially with the new “Fear Take Downs” which when you fill the meter you can take down multiple enemies even if they have guns in a flash! Another new mechanic is the Tag-Team feature that when at certain parts when you team up with Robin, Knightwing, or Catwoman you can do these flashy moves that not only look cool but they show off a little more of the personality and relationships between the characters with the quick banter they give. There’s so much more to the gameplay but it is so much better to actually experience it first-hand than to read some random guys words! But it is really good though!

Like with past Arkham Games there’s extra content outside of the game itself in the form of challenges, in the form of race track, stealth, combat missions and more. They are a nice distraction from the action, but the real fun lies in the open world of Gotham which also has different challenges laid out throughout the map it almost makes the dedicated part of the main menu useless unless you want to replay another challenge.


Overall Batman Arkham Knight is an AMAZING game! It’s Very well done and improves on everything its predecessors got right and wrong and makes them better! Its attention to detail to the environment is unmatched by a lot of AAA game that have come out. I may have been a little disappointed in the ending and some things didn’t get resolved in the main story but it’s definitely the best Batman game and one of the best games to come out this year and hopefully the Season Pass is worth the $40 asking price! Arkham Knight is a great to have in your collection and huge system seller if you are looking to buy a PS4 or Xbox One. That’s why I give Batman: Arkham Knight a-

                                                             9.8 out of 10!
+Great Gameplay                                                             -Slightly disappointing story
+Beautiful and live city
+Great Attention to Detail
+Tons of Content
+New and exciting Gameplay mechanics.
=Batmobile is fun to use/some missions can be frustrating.

*To the PC gamers as a lot of you may know the PC port is well terrible suffering from Hard crashes and more. Rocksteady has pulled the game and good on them but they shouldn’t have out sourced the game and should have worked on the PC port alongside the Console versions*