Dragon Ball Xenoverse REVIEW! Dragon Ball: Days of Future Past

LAST TIME on a Dragon Ball Z game on January 24th Age 2014 the worst Dragon Ball Game ever made was released: Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z after its Bland, boring, frustrating, unbalanced, and tedious gameplay Dragon Ball games seemed to have lost their steam. with terrible titles such as Ultimate Tenkaichi and Battle of Z, fans began to get upset with the series! Some wished it to just fade in obscurity others wanted another Budokai Tenkaichi 3 *Sigh* but 6months later Dragon Ball Xenoverse was announced! Promising better gameplay, new features, a huge story and much more! Now the game is out (in Japan and China) does it live up to the hype? Or does it fall short and get added to the Garbage Dragon Ball games? Find out now on this review of Dragon Ball Xenoverse!!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse a game I took with a quarter of a grain of salt! After being so terribly burned by Dragon Ball Z battle of Z I nearly gave up on new entries to the series. I saw alpha gameplay for it and it looked awesome, but so did Battle of Z! I got to play the Beta then had few doubts! Now the game is out (in Japan and China at the time of writing this) and I can whole heartily say Dragon Ball Xenoverse is the BEST Dragon Ball game I have played since Dragon Ball Z idainaru dragonball densetsu for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn which only came out in Japan I imported that game because it was that awesome and the gameplay was so chaotic and it really captured Dragon Ball Z.

When I decided to just import Xenoverse I at first thought it a bad choice but I had never had so much excitement for a game that was just another Anime game. Which are kind of like Call of Duty they just sort of exist in the gaming world they’re fun, come out annually for the most part, and you shouldn’t really expect much from them just good distractions until a big triple A title comes out. So I thought this with Xenoverse and I was so wrong! Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s wealth of content is almost overwhelming and the things you can do is mind blowing! From getting new clothing items to help your character and their stats to learning new techniques, getting new masters, doing Parallel Quests, and so much more! You could think you have done everything then turn around and there’s even more things to do!


When the game starts out it has one of the best openings I have seen not only in an Anime game but in a video game in general! You start out as series main protagonist Goku and go through his most important Battles in the Z Saga while that may seem a bit trite and what we’ve done in just about every single Dragon Ball Z game it’s the way that Xenoverse does it that makes it both memorable and exciting! Whats happening is that the Dragon Ball history we know is changing someone is tampering with the history and giving the villains an edge and sometimes killing the heroes! You then come to Future Trunks wishes for you and the game begins! The story quickly picks up and doesn’t let up until the end!


Xenoverse does an excellent job at making your character feel important with its story, why did I say that because there are some games that really don’t make you feel that important from my experiences they make it seem like you sort of exist. That’s not the case with Xenoverse and its mainly done with its dialogue and characters and how certain characters will reference you as whatever race you pick whether its Saiyan, Human, Namakian, Frieza’s Race, and Majin. While you may not feel all too unique in terms of abilities having only a few generic ones to start out with but the more you progress, even a little progress you will feel that you are for a lack of better words Special! For instance I have my Saiyan female character uses the Galick Gun, The Kamehameha, and the Masanko as some of her normal moves there’s so many more moves and other techniques to mix and match to fit your play style and how you want your character to be and that’s how it should be you should feel important and you effect this Universe with completing the said missions.

You may feel like Krillin or Yamcha at the start but the more you play you’ll end up feeling like one of the stronger characters. Be warned though one mission you’ll feel like Super Saiyan God Goku and the next mission you’ll feel like Yajirobe fighting Super Saiyan God Goku. That’s where the game gets both awesome and frustrating! Awesome because it isn’t like the games before it where you can breeze through the story mode without a thought with the hardest boss always being Kid Buu. On the flip side sometimes the odds will be so stacked against you that you would have to be a lvl 100 to get through it! For instance during the Buu Saga Super Saiyan 3 Goku and my character who I named her Raiden had to fight 3 Majin Buu’s and they just completely stomped me I tried and tried until we beat them. THEN I am knee deep in miniature Majin Buu’s who are attacking you from all sides and you again get stomped! While that could turn A LOT of people off I would really suggest sticking it out and doing the Parallel Quests to level up your character then giving them points to upgrade Health, Attack, Ki Attacks etc… After I did and redid a few missions and stocked up on Health Capsules I was able to beat that mission! So yes it was a little tedious but it really felt rewarding to be able to see my character get stronger and stronger. Sadly however your character doesn’t really talk and it would have been nice to see them interact with the other characters but hey everyone loves the strong silent type! Even if they are a giant pink blob monster!

When you’re going through the Story Mode you will be left in awe at many points whether it be the actually intriguing story that does a great job with time travel or the stages you fight in! My favorite mission is during the Frieza Saga when your character has gone through a certain “Changing” and you go to meet up with Krillin and Gohan and you are ambushed by some of Frieza’s soldiers and you begin fighting now I am sure you may be wondering why any of this even worth mentioning is. Here’s why! You are fighting in Frieza’s spaceship and it’s not like just a watered down version of it, no it has multiple rooms, corridors, and hallways and you could be fighting in one room and Krillin is taking on two soldiers in another and Gohan in another room! I just liked the amount of detail that went into that because the developers did not have to include that and the rest of the game doesn’t suffer from because you can seriously tell a lot of time and care went into this game and I love seeing game devs actually caring about the project they are working on!

The Parallel Quests are huge part of the game there’s tons of missions most them are pretty straight forward beat the person go to the next area and fight that person then you win. However there are some missions that really stick out and you will want to play them again! For example there’s a mission where you have to collect the Dragon Balls but you have to fight off Frieza soldiers or Cell Jr’s and secure them without losing them or running out of time! It’s these missions that really shine and I only wish there were more of them!

Throughout the game you will have different Masters these are characters from the series that will only help you increase your skills by giving you some of their signature moves and abilities! You will find them posted around the world and you will have to complete sort of their “initiation” for them to give you some of their moves it’s a nice addition to the already plethora of content and things to do in the game.

When you feel you have finally mastered the game and have the skills to pay the bills (Sorry) you can try your hand at the Online Matches! With Ranking, Player, and Endless matches! These are all self-explanatory Ranked Matches you fight or your global ranking, Player match which is similar to Ranked except your ranking status isn’t affected and with Endless you fight someone until you decide you’re done. My experience with the Network was actually better than expected! I honestly was just waiting for Lag City, to my surprise there wasn’t too much lag and the lag there was only momentary I mean the fact they have such a fast paced game like Dragon Ball XV running somewhat smoothly is a feat in of its own! I’m sure with patches and updates they can remedy any sort of lag.

The Return of Couch Co-Op is a glorious one! After not being in last game and having two separate camera angels in the Ultimate Tenkaichi Budokai Tenkaichi and Raging Blast series. It’s all on one screen like the original Budokai games the only gripe I have about that is I get far away from the person I’m playing with or they me you turn into ants until you move closer. Other than that the VS mode is a lot of fun and I am glad to finally see this return to form versus style! If you don’t have any friends or everyone you knows hates Dragon Ball you need to get new friends and you can play the Computer VS matches these are a bit more varied in the aspect that you can 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 matches while these can get extremely chaotic they are in turn a lot more fun having Goku, Gohan and Goten fight Vegeta, Future Trunks, and Kid Trunks all fight in SPACE is the craziness that is Dragon Ball!

You can have all the awesome content and game modes in the world but it all comes down to the Gameplay and is it even fun and accessible? The Answer is YES the Gameplay is so fluid and fast paced you will feel like you are playing an episode of Dragon Ball Z it’s fun and addicting which is new to the series (for me at least) it harkens back to the Budokai series with different button combinations and you can mix your special techniques together in a way that only DIMPS could do so in a Dragon Ball game! The gameplay is good for both beginners and those who want to get more advanced and learn new techniques and it still manges to stay fun and fresh after hours upon hours of gameplay because each character essentially plays differently in how they can use certain moves and techniques in past Dragon Ball games each character played the same there were Three or Four types for a character and multiple characters would follow that base in Xenoverse I honestly felt that the way I play as Goku and Vegeta is different from the way I may play as Whis or Beerus and that’s again great on DIMPS for putting so much care into the characters and to make the gameplay be balanced in a manner of speaking. For instance Krillin may have a lower Stamina gauge or Ki than Super Saiyan God Goku and that’s realistic in the world of Dragon Ball at least, but Krillin could still beat Super Saiyan God Goku (as crazy as that seems it actually happened to me) that’s where Skill comes into play and even Krillin could be Whis!


Dragon Ball Xenoverse is completely filled with content! Even after playing for so long I am still finding new and fun things to do and it’s all a new challenge and sometimes it’s not an easy one! I like that it doesn’t just hold my hand with overly easy missions or unbearably long, painful, and unfair missions it’s the Dragon Ball game I had been wanting for a very long time and does not disappoint in its almost 15hr campaign and you can complete all of its many Parallel Quests and then find out there’s even more things to do and collect! The gameplay is smooth, fun, responsive, and addicting! That’s why I HAVE to as a Dragon Ball fan have to give DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE an-

10 Time Patrol Warriors out of 10!

“Its the BEST Dragon Ball Game I’ve Played!”

+Feels fresh and fun after hours of Gameplay

+Accessible to newcomers and vets to the Dragon Ball game series

+Plenty of Content to continually come back and want to play

+Delivers and then some on the game itself providing an original and interesting story

+Diverse Character roster

+Great fan service

+Took the bad things from past games and made them amazing!
-Expounded on the good things of past games in the series and made them its own

+Isn’t Battle of Z!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse comes out February 5th in Asia, February 24th in North America, and February 27th in European territories if you are a Dragon Ball fan you need to add this game to your collection! Its available for PC, PS4, PS3, XBOX 360, AND XBOX ONE!

*Dragon Ball Xenoverse supports PS4’s Share Play function.

*Bring Xenoverse to the Wii U! I feel Wii U owners should be able to experience this game!

*Please Note this is from a Fans perspective and if you disagree with the rating and think Budokai Tenkaichi 3 is still the best thing since Sliced bread you are entitled to your opinion!

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