Dying Light Quick Review! Zombie Parkour!

2015 is here and one of the first games to come out that wasn’t a re-release and after multiple pushbacks and the cancellation of the Past Gen consoles Dying Light, a first person Survival Stealth, Horror-esc, parkour zombie game from the same people who made the Dead Island series. When I actually a few hours before writing this I had no idea they made the same game series and I didn’t know that going into playing Dying Light and as I played it more and more it’s nothing like the Dead Island games minus the Zombies and Weapon breaking systems Dying Light feels nothing like it’s and I was shocked at this. While Dead Island was fun to play with friends playing the single player campaign got really boring really really fast having felt like there was no clear sense of direction and the characters being about as interesting as a piece of cardboard. To my great surprise after playing hours upon hours of Dying Light I am still having a blast on the Single Player campaign and that’s not just the amazing parkour mechanics or the tension you feel when you’re running in the night away from the zombies or even sometimes in the Daylight when you want to avoid the zombies altogether but Dying Light actually kept me interested in its story! While a bit generic albeit with the military man going to a city that has a problem something happening to him and being saved by a resistance group and trying to blend in while still trying complete his mission but then being “torn” to do something. You play as Kyle Crane an Undercover Agent who goes to Harran Turkey where the Outbreak started and find Dictator Rais “Kadir” Sulaiman (try saying that three times fast) of course something goes and you end up getting bitten by a Zombie (Spoilers?) but it’s not like in the movies and other games where you automatically are turned into a zombie you have to take medication for hold off the inevitable and you’ll have seizures sometimes to remind you that your infected (Your body is a jerk). When you wake up in the safe house called “The Tower” you quickly learn that you’re #31 you are the 31st person to be bitten by a Zombie a bit strange but kind of cool and little cryptic! None the less it’s interesting and the characters make it even better throughout the game you’ll meet a lot of characters that have their own stake in it all and its all the same for everyone SURVIVE! It seems realistic in that aspect which I like and you’re the new guy and people at first are incredibly hard on you and mean but can you blame them? They have seen and been through so much!

The Gameplay- for Dying Light is totally where this game shines as I said running around and hoping from building to building is awesome and it’s so smooth and from my experience it wasn’t too much of a hassle or frustrating it just requires a lot timing and knowing what and where you want to go which again from my experience it just adds to the tension! I liked that! I am getting chased by Zombies and I have to think and time all of my movements if I make one small mistake I will get my face eaten off!? LETS DO IT! It just adds more tension to the already tension filled game, because when its night time you had better run! This was my favorite part of the game because I have never seen Zombies get so aggressive before usually they’re always somewhat docile and are just waiting to be slaughtered like Dynasty Warriors soldiers these Zombies DO NOT PLAY AROUND! I had and am still having an absolute blast playing this game and that is just the single player content! With most open world/survival games there is a crafting system that allows you craft different weapons/gear/health packs. With Dying Light the crafting system is easy and I like that its easy to see what you can actually create from the random items you find throughout the game. While like game like the Last of Us which didn’t allow you to pause the game to make a shiv or a health pack in Dying Light you can stop the action and create your gear or what have you. This doesn’t take away from the overall experience of the game I am still happy with its simplicity. The stealth is surprisingly good its not Metal Gear Solid status… (Metal Gear with Zombies I need that now!!) ANYWAY! You will sometimes want distract the Zombies in order to reach the objective mark and when you’re on the ground you may want to be quite or you have the option of just pummeling every Zombie you come in contact with (in the Daytime that is) and then go to your destination. It gives you options which is great because it doesn’t force you to play a certain way.
With the multiplayer you have a couple of options. You can both grab three of your friends and take on some Zombies or you can be a Zombie! Sort of similar to Resident Evil 6’s where you could do the same thing and invade a friends or someone’s game as one of those night Zombies, which was just fantastic! While not having a lot of time to play around with it all and not having well friends to play the game with I didn’t have as much fun as I would of if I had a couple of friends to enjoy it with. That’s what Developer Techland can do great they can make a game that is fun with your friends but with Dying Light they went both ways where the Single player is both enjoyable and entertaining enough to keep a person interested in and having fun with their mechanics and fairly interesting story!

Controversy and Verdict- Now this game has had a ton of “Hype” and I was one of the few people weren’t into it because nothing about the game really interested me I could have cared less about it to be honest and almost didn’t even buy it. I ended up pre-ordering it at my local GameStop and I begrudgingly put $5 down it still unsure if I was even going to pick it up because after the bland year 2014 was for gaming I was skeptical for this release and was probably going to pick it up on a sale or a pre-owned copy. I watched countless people like AngryJoe or TheRadBrad play their Early Access copies and not that their commentary was bland or boring but I just didn’t care for it. The game looked bland and I felt I wasn’t going to get a lot of enjoyment and to add on I have never been a big fan of Zombie anything because that sub-genre can’t hold my attention for more than 3 hours and that’s being generous! However Dying Light is holding my attention and it’s given me some hope for the Zombie Sub-Genre if the games continue to be as fun as this game is! Dying Light is how I felt before I bought Destiny I saw a ton of gameplay for it and I didn’t care for it and I just decided to pre-order it and decided to get it the day it came out and played the crap out of it and instantly fell in love with it and can’t get enough of it! Which is why I am giving Dying Light an-
8.5 Crazy Parkour Zombies out of 10!
+Fun addicting gameplay
=Cliché story
-Not too many multiplayer modes
+Innovative way to reinvent Zombies
=Simple crafting system that doesn’t take away from the overall experience but doesn’t add to the tension or suspense of the game

2015 is looking like a great year for video games! Its the PERFECT time to own a PS4, PC, or Xbox One!

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