Intersteller Quick movie REVIEW #2!

                     Rage, rage, rage against the dying of the light!

Interstellar- directed by Christopher Nolan whom a lot of people will know from the Batman/Dark Knight series. I not being too much of a fan of those movies for “Fan-Boy” reasons but that’s for another time! I just wanna focus on Interstellar and how its my favorite movie if 2014! That’s right! Unless a movie comes out in the next few months that is as superb and has me on the edge of my seat for 3HOURS!!! Keeps my attention, makes me cry, and is just an overall thrill ride Interstellar is my movie of the year!

NOTE: I’m only going to lightly go over the plot without giving too much away because its all really interesting but by the end you’ll be confused… Just like any other Nolan movie!

The earth is dying and we need to find a new home so the human race doesn’t die out! Cooper the main character (played by Matthew McConaughey) plays a Farmer/Engineer who sets out with a group of people from NASA Brand (Anne Hathaway) Doyle(Wes Bentley) Romilly  (David Gyasi) all being guided by Professor Brand (Michael Caine) to search for another Planet for the people to live on! While some have their own motives for attending this dangerous expedition some do it because they have nothing to lose (I apologize if this is extremely vague but I really want those who have not seen it to experience the plot in its entirety with it being fresh and there’s a big part that helps with them traveling to other planets)

In the movie as it was made abundantly clear that they will travel to different planets in order to search for a suitable place for Humans to live. The crew will travel to multiple planets and while they seem bland they are unique in their own way, some are extremely dangerous and, on some time is of the essence! Each planet is done so well done presenting itself with a new challenge that the crew must overcome and seeing how they handle each situation is both realistic and at times nerve racking!


I just have to say Matthew McConaughey is PHENOMENAL! His delivery is… Out of this World! (get it? Sorry don’t stop reading) his character is believable and his dialogue is never forced or feels awkward it always feels genuine! Its not just him though! Every Actor’s/Actress’s delivery is top notch! Even the little girl who plays Cooper’s daughter is just amazing! Aside from Matthew McConaughey Murphy (played by McKenzie Foy) she really plays up the daughter who doesn’t want their Dad to leave and she doesn’t even know if he’s coming back and you will definitely see that pain and hurt throughout the movie and its very believable. I love their interaction with each other it actually felt like they were really Father and Daughter! Which is something I haven’t felt/seen in a long time at a movie!

Okay so as good as this movie is its not without its problems and while they are few they are the kinda problems that will make you scratch your head and begin to over think things and then sort of break the movie (in a manner of speaking) but its not really a “Bad” thing its just not explained and that’s kind of Nolan’s style he let’s you think and really whatever you come up with is essentially plausible! Like the ending of the Dark Knight: Rises some say Batman died others say he didn’t, despite the (spoilers) end where Alfred sees Bruce and Selena eating brunch. Did it actually happen? Or is Alfred finally going crazy?

All in all Interstellar is an awesome movie and is the best 3hours I’ve spent in a movie theater it was s thrilling experience and I would say its one of Nolan’s best films! That’s why I give INTERSTELLAR 9.7 BLACK HOLES out of 10!!

Strong points
+Stellar Acting
-Confusing later on in the movie
+Gripping story
+Good Character development

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