Dragon Ball Xenoverse BETA Review



The newest Dragon Ball game Dragon Ball Xenoverse  is here… Well kind of in the form of a BETA to a few lucky people and I just happen to be one of them! Now I will say unrelated to DBX I love it when game companies release a BETA test to the people to play and give feedback and improve the game upon the feed back from the people! I wish game companies would do this more often!

So just a recap this Years Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z was CRAP!! The only thing good about that game was the 4v4 matches while it was awesome in theory it was the terrible and headache inducing gameplay made it a terrible experience! I am a huge DBZ fan and I was excited for the game I thought it was going to be like my number 1 favorite DBZ game Dragon Ball Z: Idainaru Dragonball Densetsu a title that only came out in Japan for the PSX and Sega Saturn. It was true to the Anime but also at the same time the player had a albeit limited freedom to complete the story! For instance if you wanted to have Krillin beat Frieza you could do that! As crazy as that sounds you could do it or if you wanted to kill both Krillin and Piccolo while fighting Frieza and when you select your next character you’ll find that Goku went Super Saiyan there’s so much more to the game that made it awesome and one of the most true DBZ experiences and I still play the game to this very day! IN FACT The last two Dragon Ball Z games have just been garbage! While Ultimate Tenkaichi was more playable and more enjoyable than Battle of Z they both are still LAZY pieces of crap and just terrible cash ins on the Dragon Ball Z license! BUT Does Dragon Ball Xenoverse hold high promise for the Dragon Ball game future? Find out on the next paragraph of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse BETA Review!!

indedxindedxDRAGON STARTindedxindedx

So you boot the game up agree to the User Agreement connect to the Server and create your save file you then you get to create your own character! As of right now for the BETA you just can make Namekian and Male of Female Saiyan! Now unlike Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi’s Chracter creator Dragon Ball Xenoverse promises to have more than 400 customizable items and already from the Saiyan Character I made it was already more expansive and interesting with just the Hair alone! I may have spent 30mins creating the best BETA Dragon Ball Character. I am looking forward to making the perfect character when the game finally comes out!

indedxindedxindedxDRAGON GAMEPLAYindedxindedxindedx

No matter how you slice it about 99% of the Dragon Ball games are Fighting Games and Xenoverse’s combat system is Amazing! It’s frantic, fast paced, and most importantly FUN and not tedious its easy to pick up and just have a fun time but it also gets a lot deeper with chaining Ki attacks and disappearing moves! (Which are finally back!) for the more hardcore fighting fans which is fantastic so its really awesome to see that they are catering to both hardcore fans and the causal ones! (Fun fact: The same people who made the Budokai series are actually helping if not developing this game!) So knowing that I at least went into the game with an open mind and an incredibly sour taste in my mouth from what Battle of Z left! You can 1v1 matches 2v2 and 3v3 and Xenoverse does all of them very well and somehow makes it still feel solid and not frustrating (Unlike Battle of Z) Also in game transformations are back! It seems like they are taking everything thats awesome about the Dragon Ball Z games and everything that past Dragon Ball games did absolutely wrong and making them better and putting them into Xenoverse… And I’m okay with that! I played about 5 online matches and for the most part it was all stable there was only one time where I experienced lag but it quickly corrected itself and it was back to high flying action! The best way I can describe the gameplay overall is Budokai 3 and Infinite World mixed with Budokai Tenkaichi 3’s scope of the battlefield and the speed of the combat!

indedxindedxindedxindedxDRAGON HUBindedxindedxindedxindedx

The HUB basically where it becomes sore of an MMO type deal in you take your character you go around and connect with other players, do versus matches, etc its an interesting thing and I am excited to see where the full release of the game! Not too much to this place its of course I imagine where a lot of the plot is going to take place what with the story taking a Days of Future Past kind of route but I am glad to see something new and fresh all together from a Dragon Ball game that always had you fighting the same villains since Dragon Ball Z: Kyôshū! Saiyan back in 1990! How they have been able to beat that dead horse for more than 20 years is beyond me! But hey there have been some really awesome DBZ games!

indedxindedxindedxindedxindedxDRAGON BETA PROBLEMSindedxindedxindedxindedxindedx

I am going to be real now the only problem I have with this BETA is the Server because its 70% of the time under maintenance and thats fine I get it! The game is in BETA and they are working hard probably around the clock to give an amazing Dragon Ball experience so thats fine its really my only gripe and I just let it go and I will play something else while I wait for it to be good to go!

indedxindedxindedxindedxindedxindedxDRAGON VERDICTindedxindedxindedxindedxindedxindedx

Even though this is just the BETA I am stoked for this game it restored my confidence in Dragon Ball Z games after the Past two I am so going to pre-order this game and pick it Day-One its going to be worth it! Will Dragon Ball Xenoverse actually be the best thing come from a Dragon Ball game? Or will it fail like its predecessors? Find out in Earyl 2015 when the game is released!

I give The BETA for Dragon Ball Xenoverse a 9.5 Dead Yamcha’s out of 10!

+Awesome Fast Paced gameplay

+Easy to Pick Up Hard to Put Down

-Server Troubles -no big deal though-

+Good stable connection that doesn’t conflict with Gameplay

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