Gotham “Pilot” Quick Review


Alright I admit I was worried about Gotham even though I am huge DC fan I was skeptical on a show about freaking Commissioner Gordon who is a character I could care less for don’t know why I just don’t care for him!

Somewhat Spoilers ahead… Somewhat!

So the show opens up with Catwoman (Catgirl? CatPreTeen?) walking through the streets of Gotham stealing milk and a guys wallet and then giving it to a cat in an Alleyway speaking of Alleyway we get to see a scene that has been done to death… (Too soon?)  But what I did like about this scene of Bruce Wayne’s parents being killed is that there was a lot more emotion and I actually felt for Bruce which I don’t think I have ever really cared about it in past movies maybe its because I just wanted it to get to the Batman Part but maybe knowing Batman isn’t going to be in this I can just focus on whats going on in the scene.

Gotham also conveyed the true essence of what the Streets of Gotham would be like (Even though brief) its literally a crime infested place and I love it and I hope we get to see more of that as the series progresses!

Every character in this show in this show is awesome! They all have their own motives others and they don’t over shadow the main plot and those characters don’t overshadow others if anything they actually enhance and complement them and make their performances more believable and the show itself even more awesome! The true star of the show is of course Jim Gordon (Benjamin McKenzie) its his Origin Show so its really gonna all come back to him in one way or another and it actually works because he truly em-body’s what a young Gordon dealing with a bunch of crooked cops and being the only good one would be like Righteous, strong, and cunning!

They hinted at a bunch of possible side story-lines and possibly future main story-lines and they were subtle as to not distract from what was going on in the main plot what with the relationship between Barbara and Montoya or maybe even a Solomon Grundy episode!?

Overall I feel really optimistic about Gotham its action is solid the story is awesome, the characters are believable and it has real potential and a great future! I would love to see a Spin off Batman show perhaps when the show ends! The show overall seems awesome and I’m excited to see future episodes I can’t wait to see where they actually go with all this! I just wish DC would get a lock on their movies like they do with their TV shows!

I give GOTHAM: 9 Character Easter Eggs out of 10

If you like comic book shows or movies watch this! If you like DC you probably already watched it! If you like crime shows watch this! Its got a little something for everybody!

Gotham is like Sopranos with DC Comics… And that’s okay!

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