Destiny has finally released across all major console platforms. The game has been been through quite a lot from Push backs to servers being down for the BETA release. Now its finally out! And let me tell you it is probably the best game to be released after the lie of 2014 in Gaming! But does the game have enough content in it to last Destiny’s Ten Year plan for the game? If you’ve played it you already know if you haven’t and are teetering on buying the game and spending $60+ dollars on this game and want to know if you should buy it, Read on!

Short Answer is…. YES you should buy it forget what critics say honestly! You really should if you have a PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, or Xbox One this is a must buy for any platform! But I’m sure you wanna know why you should buy this game! Right!?

You play as a “Guardian” a character you create from the 3 available classes Titan, Hunter, and Warlock and then you choose from 3 other Races Human, Awoken, and a Robot there may not be too much customization to the character at the start but throughout the you will get different pieces of armor that you will be able to make your character look both awesome and protect you from your enemies! Once you’ve gotten your character just how you like it you begin the game!

        When you begin you’re dead and then brought back to life by Peter Dinklage none the less! Well he’s your “Ghost” he’s your Navi, Cortana, or Angel! Throughout the game he will lead and guide you and give you a narrative of the story and what’s going on and what The Fallen who you will mowing down wave after wave!


        The Gameplay is where Destiny shines! Its tight and responsive the controls are familiar to just about any other First Person Shooter game so anyone who has played at least two of them will feel right at home! A smart decision in my opinion because instead of learning new controls players can easily jump right in and enjoy all that Destiny’s gameplay has to offer! Which basic at its core is but as you go through the game you’ll learn that the gameplay is surprisingly deep and most importantly FUN!! (Which is in my opinion something that was sorely lacking in this years line of games)


Here is a breaking point for some buyers, the game always requires an internet connection so if you are an Xbox or PS4 owner you’ll need their respective Online gaming membership services BUT if you’re a PS3 owner its all free! While that may seem like a turn off to some the always online actually works and works very well with Destiny if youre doing the main campaign you may or may not run into someone who is the same level or higher who is doing the same thing or is just there to help newcomers who may not be too good. Doing this Bungie was able to create an experience that is awesome and rewarding to all players.

The World!

        You will go throw different parts various worlds for whatever mission you choose from Earth to the Moon, Mars, Mercury, and Europa while I would have loved for this aspect to have been more like Skyrim in where I can just explore the vast worlds and just gone around doing whatever I wanted! Even though I can’t do this and it feels like a more linear experience you will definitely get a lot of loot and XP during these missions! So they somehow found a good balance! I still would have loved to explore Mars though but I had fun with multiple missions I had on it!

Leveling up!

      Like most games that involve some sort of questing you’re character will level up! I will say that Leveling Up your character(s) in Destiny feels great! It feels like you’ve earned that Level Up and with it a new ability! Leveling doesn’t feel like a chore or like you’re just going through the motions just to get another ability like in most games out today! You’ll want to keep on leveling and may even forget how much time has passed!

The Social World…

     When you’re not fighting the Falleb you can visit the Social Hub where all the Hunters go to buy new guns get bounties, Side quests and more! Instead of the more action oriented First Person perspective you will be able to see your character in a Third Person perspective and see what your Guardian looks like there isn’t much to this world aside from the social aspect of it. Although you will spend a little bit of time there every now and again!


Unlike Destiny’s main campaign where it is cooperative multiplayer Destiny’s Crucible is where the Competitive Multiplayer comes into play. In this you have Control, Rumble, Skirmish, and Clash. At the core they are your standard multiplayer modes that you have seen before while they may not add anything new to the fray what I really liked is that the weapons you got while playing the main campaign are the weapons you use in them there aren’t any pre-set lead outs like in other shooters it boils down to what you’ve been using in the game! I find this both Really Cool and a LITTLE Bad. Really cool because if you have grown accustomed to using a certain Pulse Rifle you get to use that in the campaign you will get to use it in The Crucible. Bad because that Pulse Rifle can have an Fire element ability and an attack of 84 you get to use that against a person with rifle with an attack of 34 so the person with the better weapon has a better advantage agasint the other person but then it can come down to the other persons skills because its possible for that player with the 34 atk can get a few kills on the person with the 84 Pulse Rifle by using everything in their available arsenal from grenades to abilities like the Knife throw it can be done just requires a little bit of wit and thinking which is awesome!


         While a lot of critics may not like the game or think Destiny is Average at best or whatever! I can as person who SELDOM buys brand new games the day they come out and will just wait for a price drop or a used Copy at GameStop or ask for it for a Christmas present or borrow it from a buddy who doesn’t play it anymore I can HONESTLY say Destiny is one of the few games of the year that is worth the $60 asking price its so much FUN! It has already provided me with 20+ hrs of content and playing it through the past week the game hasn’t grown dull or boring it continues to be a truly fun gaming experience and I really recommend that YOU go out and pick up a copy if you have any gaming console! You won’t be disappointed! I would even say that Unless Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain come out in 2014 Destiny is Sure contender for Game of The Year!

That is Why I’m giving 9.5 DEAD GURDIANS OUT OF 10!

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