LUCY “quick reviews! #1”


I saw Lucy yesterday and while it was very unrealistic and not because of the  whole unlocking the brain part it was the actors and the random people reactedto situations and what was going on that made me shake my head!
Scarlett Johansson did an okay job with what she had. Which was be a zombie that is smart pretty much! It didn’t make sense on why exactly she acted the way she did later on if anything having more brain power her emotions and what not should have been multiplied by like 100% (see what I did there) we really only saw that one time and it was awesome but it only lasted a couple minutes!  This was also the first movie I wanted to tell Morgan Freeman to shut up because it felt like he 1. Didn’t know what he was talking about 2. At times didn’t even believe it and just gave lines (just how I felt) also he just so happe ed to be right about unlocking more of your “Cerebral Capacity”
The ending didn’t make sense and no ending has ever not made less sense than that since Dragon Ball: Evolution (but we don’t talk about Dragon Ball: Evolution! LUCY was a good movie for turning your brain off about a movie unlocking your brain… Through drugs! Its a above average and I feel that if they took a little bit more time with the overall story it could be sooo much better!

It may not get Scarlett Johansson any closer to a black widow solo movie though (maybe I don’t know that’s another topic maybe I’ll talk about in the near future) and honestly it should have really been a video game I feel something like this would be better suited for that medium it would let the player control LUCY and experience gaining that 100% of power there could be a cool upgrading tree and you could even choose a different type of 100% brain power as well! (I am thinking too much into this!)
The movies chracters were kind of flat I really didn’t care or sypmpathize with anyone and no one felt relatable in anyway they felt like cardboard cut outs! I mean unless your a French cop? Or a Taiwanese Gangster? A scientist? 

All in all I will say visually it was awesome it looked like something that should and could be on PS4 but it was not bad BUT there’s better movies to see (Guardians of the Galaxy) and theirs also worse (Transformers Age of Extinction)

I’ll say that LUCY is one of the most original sci-fi movies to come out in recent memory that is interesting and doesn’t totally fall flat on its face, and I love how the writer and director totally took advantage of the whole using more than 10% of your brain because no one really knows what you could do!  I just wished they went in a little more in depth and why she could do all these things. so I will give it props and I am also not saying its a bad movie at all its just you should really turn your brain off big time and just enjoy it for what it is. Which is an original sci-fi flick
I say wait for LUCY to come to the cheap theaters or Red Box!

I give LUCY 6.5 Brains out of 10!

My only beef with the movie is that I wish the story was fleshed out a little more there were more interesting characters!

And that was a quickie!

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