Teenage Mutant Megan Fox Amazing Spider Man Nina Turtles (I’ll get around to reviewing this movie review/rant #1)


 Well… I saw Teenage mutant ninja turtles after taking my sweet time to see this movie I tricked my friend into seeing it instead of seeing Guardians of The Galaxy (why? I have NO IDEA) first off I will say every bad thought I had about Turtles and them being crazy  looking or whatever I take back! The turtles are awesome! When they are on screen its just the best! The way they interact with each other is probably the best I’ve seen in any Turtles movie adaptation or even some cartoons!

I went into this movie Optimistic I’m not the biggest fan of the Turtles I like them I think they are really cool! So to be fair I erased all Prior TMNT cartoons and movies from my mind!

Sitting through the first part the movie is almost unbearable! Why? Because the TURTLES ARE BARELY IN IT! The parts they are in are awesome but its like the feeling you get when your about to sneeze and you don’t and you’re just left with that lingering feeling like “Oh yeah that sneeze was gonna be good now its gone deal with it!” That’s multiple times of the first part of the movie! When the movie finally decides to let the Turtles have their movie they can’t have it all just yet because MEGAN FOX!! This is the Megan Fox and The Turtles just kinda happen to be there movie! Don’t get me wrong I think Megan Fox is a very pretty woman, but her acting skills :{ I wanted her to be good in this movie I REALLY did because I like the movies I spend Money on I want everything to be the best! I will say she didn’t ruin it she just made it VERY VERY VERY VERY CONVENIENT!! Not just her character but just about everything about this movie was convenient from the random  Ninjutsu book ending up in the sewer to Splinter somehow having all those weapons oh that’s right Plot! Who throes away a Ninjutsu book and weapons? I’ll tell you who Mr. Plot and Ms. Script! That’s besides the point!

When the turtles finally get to have more of their movie it gets pretty awesome! They look so good in action it almost felt like they were real! Seeing them just man handle the “Foot” Clan was just hilarious and one of the highlights of this movie!

The “villains” of the movie Shredder and Eric Sacks (who was originally planned to be Shredder but because crazy fanboys he was just some random dude who just so happened to be connected to the Turtles and Apirl O’Neil (who would have thought) So Shredder and Eric have a plan to release a toxin into New York City harming the… People and the company….. Where have I seen this before!? Hmmm I remember the movie not being too “Amazing” I remember also while watching it I squashed a “Spider” and said “Man” that was gross! I can’t remember where I saw that from…

Anyway! The Villains were lame Shredder looked like Transformer who didn’t make the cut! And that’s not Shredder he had very simple armor and was a more superior fighter then the Turtles and I for one think it would have been more cool if he just had Simple armor and he could still wreck them but he was also on the defense because the turtles were stronger than him!  That would have made him more intimidating then just a giant suit! You could also tell that there were some re-shoots because in an interview William Fitchner said he was going to be Shredder and at first I was confused but it could have been food especially with the back story he had! How he grew up in Japan and was trained by a Sensei and watching it I was thinking oh man this could he really awesome!! I want him as Shredder! He always plays a good villain! In this not so much it was almost like they were supposed to have Baxter Stockman in the movie and they just got rid of him and have those lines to Eric Sacks and put some new lines for the Shredder (who may or may not be Oroku Saki or Oroku Nagi never explained only reaffirming mw that they just threw him in there. Honestly They should have stuck to their guns and just ran with it! In my opinion)

I’m getting a headache… Time to end this!

Look This wasn’t a bad movie… If you’re a kid if you see this “TURN YOUR BRAIN OFF!” The second half of the movie was fun! Like really good if they just shown the second half it would have been that much better! I wished they focused less on Megan Fox and a lot more on the Turtles because every scene they were in was GOLD! I also find this a Problem with movies like these with these Extraordinary characters like in Transformers! They focused WAY TOO MUCH on the humans! I’m sure a lot of people don’t care about the humans and wanna what the movie is about and not the humans… Maybe it us just me and I’m complaining this… Ugh! I just wanted this movie to be great all around! Its hard to rate this movie because it was both bad and Good and above average…

I give this movie a 7.5 convenient ninja books out of 10!
-The movie as a series has GREAT potential the Turtles are amazing I wished they would have had a bit more screen time.

-The story was weak and riddled with plot holes

-The humans in the next movie either need to be Interesting, Better actors, or have so little screen time compared to the Turtles!

This is how I think the ending of the movie should have gone if Eric Sacks was Shredder.

After Eric Sacks returns to his home defeated by the Turtles someone is in Main Room it the Oroku Saki he’s like “You couldn’t even handle a few Turtles!? You are no student of mine!” Then Shredder kills him and tells him “You are of no use to our plan!” You then open the door to a whole bunch of new possibilities within the TMNT universe!
That’s just me though haha!

I’ll get around to seeing a better movie! Until next time!!

LUCY “quick reviews! #1”


I saw Lucy yesterday and while it was very unrealistic and not because of the  whole unlocking the brain part it was the actors and the random people reactedto situations and what was going on that made me shake my head!
Scarlett Johansson did an okay job with what she had. Which was be a zombie that is smart pretty much! It didn’t make sense on why exactly she acted the way she did later on if anything having more brain power her emotions and what not should have been multiplied by like 100% (see what I did there) we really only saw that one time and it was awesome but it only lasted a couple minutes!  This was also the first movie I wanted to tell Morgan Freeman to shut up because it felt like he 1. Didn’t know what he was talking about 2. At times didn’t even believe it and just gave lines (just how I felt) also he just so happe ed to be right about unlocking more of your “Cerebral Capacity”
The ending didn’t make sense and no ending has ever not made less sense than that since Dragon Ball: Evolution (but we don’t talk about Dragon Ball: Evolution! LUCY was a good movie for turning your brain off about a movie unlocking your brain… Through drugs! Its a above average and I feel that if they took a little bit more time with the overall story it could be sooo much better!

It may not get Scarlett Johansson any closer to a black widow solo movie though (maybe I don’t know that’s another topic maybe I’ll talk about in the near future) and honestly it should have really been a video game I feel something like this would be better suited for that medium it would let the player control LUCY and experience gaining that 100% of power there could be a cool upgrading tree and you could even choose a different type of 100% brain power as well! (I am thinking too much into this!)
The movies chracters were kind of flat I really didn’t care or sypmpathize with anyone and no one felt relatable in anyway they felt like cardboard cut outs! I mean unless your a French cop? Or a Taiwanese Gangster? A scientist? 

All in all I will say visually it was awesome it looked like something that should and could be on PS4 but it was not bad BUT there’s better movies to see (Guardians of the Galaxy) and theirs also worse (Transformers Age of Extinction)

I’ll say that LUCY is one of the most original sci-fi movies to come out in recent memory that is interesting and doesn’t totally fall flat on its face, and I love how the writer and director totally took advantage of the whole using more than 10% of your brain because no one really knows what you could do!  I just wished they went in a little more in depth and why she could do all these things. so I will give it props and I am also not saying its a bad movie at all its just you should really turn your brain off big time and just enjoy it for what it is. Which is an original sci-fi flick
I say wait for LUCY to come to the cheap theaters or Red Box!

I give LUCY 6.5 Brains out of 10!

My only beef with the movie is that I wish the story was fleshed out a little more there were more interesting characters!

And that was a quickie!