Dragons Love

There once was an Emperor in Japan by the name of Sanno Ryu of the Black Dragon Lineage. Like his family before he too was born with darker skin, making it appear as if his body had been chard by the flames of the Kurosashi  bestowing upon his clan with amazing power and prowess. Sanno being the youngest emperor to have ever ruled over an entire country even though he was only twenty he had the makings of a great emperor and even greater . He was kind, loving, empathetic towards all. All loved him and he loved them. Even though Sanno was loved by all he lived alone in his palace wanting a wife, wishing he’d find true love. Despite the relationships he had been in the women only wanted him for his wealth and power over the land. He had all but given up hope for love.


Over time he began to grow quite fond of a priestess by the name of Sakura Namikaze of the White Snake clan. In legend It is said in legend that the Black Dragon and the White Snake blood lines must never be together for their offspring would bring misfortune and chaos to the land and the families of both clan. Sanno knowing all this he still pursued the priestess with all his heart she was everything he wanted in a woman. She was beautiful, smart, and loving. Above all else she admired Sanno for who he was despite him being the lord of Japan. He was so taken with her he shirked off all his duties as lord. Sanno’s closest friend the Shogunite and his the head of his council both advised Sanno that sakura could not and would not return his feelings he had for her. Ignoring them he continued to pursue her. It was a two full years before Sanno professed his love for Sakura even despite the warnings from both his head of council and the Shogunite, but he never listened to them. He wanted her so much he couldn’t see the truth. She could not however return his feelings.  A heart broken Sanno who  could no longer take the pain began to grow cold his heart hardened, the man people began to love was changing. He began to take over surrounding countries he found a new love in the battlefield. It was rumored that the spirit of Kurosashi had possessed Sanno and was then able to take over the 12 surrounding countries and take over what was known as the Other Land completely alone


When Sanno had fallen into a greater despair he suddenly A mysterious woman had appeared out of nowhere as if she was sent by God himself. He name was Mei the Shoguns daughter from The Land of Overflowing Water. He didn’t know what to expect when this woman captivated Sanno. She was caring to him and his needs and wants she was compassionate and understanding to him for keeping his heart close to him and hidden.  Hearing of his new found love Sakura spotted the two new lovers walking around the streets during the festivals. Seeing the man who once loved her had moved on, and it pained Sakura from the inside. She was persistent to have Sanno for herself. She had finally realized Sanno was the best person in her life but she feared it was too late. The more cold and cynical Sanno she had created was no more. Even though she pleaded and begged Sanno for  him to return to her life but her words fell on deaf ears. A sadden Sakura left crying but Sanno had not forgiven her but apart of him. Still having an ounce of feelings left he realized he was still madly in love with her. However he soon remembered the pain he endured because of her and he simply brushed her to side. After every encounter they have had from the Festival of The Dragons- he acted like she never existed. He was happy and content Mei. Sakura had tried time and time again to sabotage their love but each time she failed. When Sanno learned of this he had her banished. When asked by his servants if he was being harsh his now wife told them it was none of their concern.
 For in secret Mei executed Sakura for coming between her and Sanno’s love….

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